Morning Sex, A's Version

He rolls over into my warm, sleepy body, curling around me on my side, breath on the back of my neck, hand on my belly, spooning.  I feel his cock at half-mast pressing gently against my ass. Soon his hand begins to move, slowly, dreamily, cupping my breasts, trailing down over my belly to the warmth between my legs.   I feel his cock begin to grow harder, the nudge more insistent.
I lay still, not responding, docile.
He slides a hand inside my panties from the back and pulls them down, just past the curve of my ass.  I feel him shift as he pulls out his cock; now he is pressing against me, skin to skin, his hardness against my ass.  His breathing is still quiet, though, nothing urgent in it, and I am still half-asleep, though the half that is awake is deliberately still, waiting.  He reaches up and gets the lube and I realize he is not going to take the time to wake me fully, to coax my not-a-morning-sex-girl body into full response, he is going to use my body while I am still half-asleep.
I love this, this early-morning use of my body. I love the quiet way he does it, too, nothing harsh or taking in the act, just the slow warm glide of his body into mine, easily, gently almost.  And then he lays still for a moment, his body inside mine, holding me from the outside and inside.  His hands move up to my shoulders, but when I start to shift to open myself more fully to him he puts a leg over mine: he wants me still, he wants me closed, just a soft warm hole to slide into, no assistance from me.  I sigh happily and relax, and he begins to stroke himself into me, slowly, deeply, the way he strokes his cock when he masturbates.  I remain quiet, hardly breathing. His breath quickens, his movements become slightly more pronounced, I feel myself tensing in excitement as he does, too.  And then his breath catches, his hands tighten on my shoulders, and he shudders, thrusting deeply into me before he grows still again.  His mouth comes down on my neck, moves over my skin, a kiss, a benediction.
He lays still inside me for a moment longer, and then he slides out and pulls away, pulling my panties up and patting my ass as he does.  He kisses my cheek and rolls out of the bed.  I squeeze my thighs together, feel the warmth he has left inside me, and drift back into sleep.

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