Asking for It

Besides my two regular guys, I have a friend that I see occasionally for…variety.  Variety on Monday is going to be a spanking date, a Daddy/little girl scenario, and all because I asked for it.  This is the first time I have asked for a specific type of scene…err, well I take that back.  Not the first, exactly.
I ask A to do things to me.  I ask for spanking & sex, and I asked him for the enema thing a couple weeks ago.  But he didn’t get what I wanted with the enema, that just wasn’t his thing.  A different thing all together.  And spanking and sex is…spanking and sex.  Yummy as well, but a different thing too.  It’s the Dominance that I miss, the coercion, the feeling of being controlled/being helpless/being forced/of submitting.  I love the physical sensations, don’t get me wrong, but…well, I crave the other stuff.
This particular fellow and I have had an usual road…there has been lots of D/s play via IM & text, several good vanilla dates, both with his gf and alone, and one…okay…play date.  He’s got a good hard hand, and likes to play fight, likes a challenge, which is fun, but, well, to be brutally honest, even though (per W’s instruction) I made sure he knew I had a mouth and ass available for his sexual use…it didn’t happen.  Beatings and no sex??  Sure, I like that too, but all signs pointed towards both prior to it actually NOT happening.   So yeah, I was disappointed.
But since that time, he has amped up his rhetoric in IM, and been very insistent about having another date.  I like him, I like our dynamic in IM, I liked him during play…I just want him to use me sexually as well.  W says that’s what I am for, and I want to make W proud of me, dammit.  I like to do what I am told.
Then last night, after all my spanking jonesing, (of which he (G) was appraised), he left me with, “I’m off, send me salacious texts if you have a mind.  Or better yet come over and let me spank your ass.  I’ll beat your bad-girlness out of you.”
So…I text him.  I text him in a role I have never played before.  I’ve been a bad girl, Daddy…
And we were off.  And now…I have a play date Monday after work, before I head over to W’s to get stuff ready for the un-VDay Party.  I just have to find a way/place to change from work clothes to my schoolgirl garb before I go over.   And find out how W feels about me coming over with a (hopefully) very sore ass.

3 thoughts on “Asking for It

  1. Oh gosh, Dante and I used to play out these kinds of scenes but we stopped eons ago. Now I’m suddenly having a craving for it again… wonder why, lol? I can’t wait to hear all the details! I can totally relate to the needs you are expressing here… and can’t wait to hear more!

  2. “the coercion, the feeling of being controlled/being helpless/being forced/”
    Couldn’t agree more. For me it’s almost all it takes for a good and intense scene…

    1. Yes, that’s why “asking for it” is kind of a catch-22 for me. If I have to ask for it then I’m not being forced, am I (unless I am being forced to ask for something…hmm another twist…lol.) So this is kind of an experiment for me…I’ll be sure to blog about how it works out–or if it doesn’t!

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