So much to say, so much to say…

If any of you channeled DMB at the moment of reading that subject line, we might just be bestest friends.  I have been grooving on old (lost to me) copies of Dave Matthews CD’s.  EARgasm.  Seriously.
I have so many things to post on right now.  Don’t be surprised to read lots more from me pretty soon.  Or not, I may write and stick some of these posts on “private”, I don’t know…but I just have to get some things out and it seems like I don’t have any time to do any of the topics justice…because, oh shit, I have to actually WORK for a living.  Huh.
Here’s a quick list, to be revisited as I am able:

  • Spanking 1 and spanking 2, or Who’s in Control Here? and the intricies of power dynamic (or alternatively, what makes Jade wet and why)
  • Shoe sluttism and how that relates to power, or Why I Am Wearing Power Slut Heels Today, after being so powerless last night
  • Dirty sex.  We’ll just leave that one right there.

More later, as time allows!

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