The New Girl


So there’s a girl.  There have been girls before, but it’s been a while, and frankly, this is different in so many ways.
First, she isn’t attached to some boy/male/Dominant.  She’s a free agent (as I tell all the millions of boys that have wandered into her sphere and have emailed/texted/called me and said, “Who IS she? Can I get a piece of that action?”)  She’s her own person, free to choose who and what she does or doesn’t do.
Second, when I first met her, I had absolutely no expectations of anything happening between her and I.  She stated quite clearly that she is straight, and I fully intended to honor that statement, be a friend, and only lust after her in private, if at all.  Truthfully, it was refreshing…here was a woman that I didn’t have to think about in terms of “will we/won’t we”, we could just be friends, and see what developed.  Of course, when I realized exactly how much I was attracted to her, that changed a bit…then I was faced with the dilemma of a bi woman in a straight world, and how to negotiate what can be some tricky waters.  But that’s a story for another day.
Is there a third?  I don’t know.  I just know she is different, and here we are weeks out from our first meeting, and I am liking her more and more, and she is not saying “No girls ever,” and I am wondering what might be in store for us.  She makes me laugh, she makes me shake my head, she makes me smile and makes me lust.  And it’s all good.
She also has that effect (or something similar) on the men in my life.  ALL of them.  Each in different ways…but she has had a distinct affect on us all.
I brought her here hoping there would be some sort of connection between my men and her.  Hoping to be friends with her myself, but also wanting her to experience…good men.  Good people.  And dammit, my men ARE.  They are the very best.  And I wanted to share that with her.  To share them.
I didn’t know if they would connect in a sexual/emotional/play way…but I hoped they might.  And when they did…wow.  So much…such a confusion of emotions!  Joy and amazement and lust and happiness…and yes, twinges of jealousy and fear and insecurity.  Because I am only human, and I do not deny my own emotional spectrum, even when those emotions are inconvenient or uncomfortable.  I want to feel it ALL, every bit.  I want to revel in every emotion that comes my way, accept them, feel them.
And I did.
And then, after a weekend in which I watched as my SO pleasured and enjoyed and was enjoyed by this girl, as I watched them do the tender new things that tender new lovers do, after I listened to her cries of joy and passion and watched him touch her, he and I returned home to our own bed and to each other.
And we shared her.
Not in the flesh.  She was back home, in her city four hours away.  And we were here.  He was tying my arms in a tie he was trying to learn, and when he was done, he pushed me face-down on the bed, pulled off my pajama bottoms, and slid into me from behind, just as easy and neat as that.  I gasped, then sighed, opening to him like a leaf unfurling, loving and remembering the feel of him, long and thick inside me.  As he pushed into me completely, as he leaned over me and his mouth came close to my ear, I said to him, “I loved watching you, on your knees, between her legs.”
He paused a beat, then pulled back and thrust deeper into me. “You did, hmm.  Well I liked being between her legs.”
“I liked the way you tasted when I kissed you after you’d been licking her pussy,” I continued. “Sweet and sharp at the same time. It’s been a long time…”
“I wanted you to taste her on me,” he said.  “I wanted to watch you between her legs, I wanted to fuck you from behind while you ate her, I wanted to shove my cock into you, hold my hand in your hair and force your face into her cunt, spreading her juice all over your face so I could lick it all off you later.”  This all said to the slow, deliberate thrusts of his hips as he buried his cock into me over and over, his hand in my hair, his lips by my ear. And I came with that image in my head.
I came with her, this new girl, and she and I haven’t even had sex.

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  1. mmm..i do find it soo soo hot when i’m having sex with someone and that person brings up another girl that i am into…i would totally high-five you if i could. 😀 again, you guys have the most awesome relationship.

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