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Been bedridden the last cpl days, and not in a fun way, so figured I’d catch up on blogs and such.  Imagine my surprise when I logged in to see that I had over 900 hits on my blog yesterday! (Yeah, I’m small potatoes compared to the powerhouses of popularity that I read, but a girl’s gotta start somewhere.) Then I tracked them back to the obvious reason: the latest Fleshbot roundup.  My post “Marks of Another Sort” was in the top spot.  How lovely! Made my (otherwise miserable) day.  I never know if I am “supposed” to post when the site features posts of mine, but I appreciate the publicity, so figured I’d do the same for them. Thanks, Fleshbot!  And go there for more hot blogs, including one by one of my favorite bloggers, Thursday’s Child.
As an ex-library employee, I particularly enjoyed this post by Library Vixen: unmentionable.  Makes me want to a) fly to SF now and start combing the public library stacks, and b) go back to the library to work–it’d be much more fun the way she does it!
Also, way cool, I found Susie Bright’s blog via…darn, someone else’s.  I can’t recall who.  I usually keep track of this stuff too.  Anyway, hers were some of the first erotica stories I ever read…how cool to find her in “real life” in the blogosphere.
Another new-to-me blog is this one on  A Year of Living Flirtatiously.  Fairly tame compared to most of the blogs I read, but I really like how honest she is, how fearlessly she puts herself out there for all to see.  Also, she’s fun and sounds like someone I would like to sit and have coffee with some time.
And I found this pretty cool: Dental Mouth Gag. Not the item itself, but the story of it being used in a piece of BDSM performance art.  Funny & creepy at the same time.  Sometimes I think it would be fun to actually do something like “performance art” BDSM at Conspiracy.
And okay, maybe, in a creepy way, the dental gag is hot too.
So I am stuck in bed because I am having this weird arm issue…actually my doctor thinks it may be a neck/nerve issue. I have an MRI scheduled, and I am not actually in bed, but in an easy chair with my arms elevated just so…I can’t hold them up without pain, so no driving, getting dressed/undressed is hard, and sleeping is a misery. And every morning that I wake up and it’s not gone away I feel that much more worried and anxious.  Though there was this funny moment:  I was in the bath (floating my arms relieves the pressure and weight of them.) I had asked A to help me undress, which he had.  Feeling whiny and scared I said, “Thank goodness you are home so I have someone to take my pants down for me, but what am I going to do when you aren’t here?!?”
“I think the people willing to take down your pants would form a line out of the house and around the block, sweetie,” he replied.  Oh.  Okay.  Heh.  Made my day, yanno?

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