Newsflash-Algebra Leads to Sex

No really, if you have children that are taking algebra in school, my advice is to remove them from the class immediately. It can only lead to bad things.
Or good things, depending on how you look at it.
I’ve been struggling in my algebra class and I had a test that night. The night before I was “studying”: doing tons of problems to try and implant the nasty stuff into my brain.  I was supposed to have my 17 yr old daughter there to help me; she decided to be a teenager that night (of all nights) and flake. So I was left alone with my textbook…and it did not go well. I ended up frustrated, mad at myself, convinced that I am so stupid as to be unteachable.  I finally gave up and took a nice long bath.  Touched myself a little to see if I was still tender from W’s rather merciless ministrations the weekend before (yes, I was.)  And then, in defeat, headed for bed.
A got home shortly thereafter.  He’d received my texts communicating my frustration and math distress but had been too busy to reply.
“Do you want some help now?” he called from the front room.
“No!” I said petulantly.  “I’m done with math, I’m too stupid to get it, I can’t do it, I give up!”  He came in to the bedroom and sat beside me on the bed. I was pouting, seriously.  Big, fat, pouty schoolgirl lip.  Crinkled up forehead. Eyes glassy with tears which promptly fell as soon as he said, “Aww, sweetheart…” and put his arms around me.  The man is a saint. Beyond patient.
“You can do it, I know you can. C’mon…”
But I wasn’t thinking about math anymore.  And I had all this pent-up frustration.  And math wasn’t going to alleviate that.
“Lay down with me?” I asked innocently.  “I just want to be…held.”  (Liar.)
“We really should work on your homework…”
“I will, I promise!” (Another lie.)  “Just lay down with me for a minute. Please?”  Looking properly woe-be-gone.
He starts to lay down but I stop him.  “Naked,” I say.  “I want your skin.”
Now he knows I’m up to no good, but he laughs and shakes his head and gets undressed.  He can’t help himself.  Finally he lays down next to me and I snuggle into his side.  Pretend I am there just for a snuggle for about, oh, a minute, before I let my hand stroke over his chest, across his shoulders, and then trail down to his already-thickening cock.  I hear his quick intake of breath.
“You need to study for your test-” he says.
“Shhh,” I say. And slide my leg over him.  I stare down into his eyes as I grasp his cock in my hand between our bodies. I lean down, put my mouth over his, lick his lower lip. Slowly I lower myself onto him, feel him sliding deep into me as I settle down. I start to move slowly above him, feeling for, and finding, our rhythm. I feel his hands on my hips, first just resting there, then, as he becomes more urgent, lifting and driving me down onto him. We are both panting now, gasping. He throws his head back and I lean down to lick the salt from his skin, to bite at his neck, feeling suddenly ferocious. He moans, thrusts me onto his cock harder, finally exploding inside of me with an exclamation. As he crests in his orgasm I do too, clawing at his shoulders, biting at him, twitching.
Later, laying next to him I say, “I’m a lousy student.”
“Depends on what you’re studying for,” he replies, and kisses the top of my head. “I’ll give you and A+.”

2 thoughts on “Newsflash-Algebra Leads to Sex

  1. So what do you think will happen when I start Trig and Calc this fall and spring semester??
    Hmm maybe we should be moving closer together!

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