Just because he says so

“I’m looking forward to making you fuck R,” he said.
Oh.  Um.  Yeah.
I think of all kinds of pretend excuses why I can’t go over.  Think of things that aren’t pretend: my kids, a test in algebra, my possible/maybe-going-to-happen period.
I know I won’t use any of them. But I wonder how it will play out. I can’t imagine a scenario like this.  How/where/when…?? In front of him, or alone? Fucking someone I know, someone I wanted to fuck, in front of him was hard enough.  But this…I am totally and completely lost.
I’m nervous.  My stomach keeps doing flip-flops. I feel like hiding under my desk.
But I’m also excited. My pussy is wet, thinking about being “made” to fuck someone just because he says so.  Someone I have never met, and may not like or be attracted to. Just because he says so.  Would he really do that?

3 thoughts on “Just because he says so

    1. Yeah I know! That’s what makes him so fucking scary at times…lol
      Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere, btw. Nice to finally “meet” you! I heard you’re on FL too–woohoo! You have ARRIVED. lol

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