Okay so I am a wee-bit freaked out right now. Went to my blog stats from yesterday and was checking out where people had been “referred” to my blog from. There’s the usual suspects, as well as some new ones – I find new blogs to stalk that way a lot of times. And then I saw it. Someone clicked over from Facebook. Actually there were four of them.
I am fairly out in my life.  My family and friends know I am poly, my sister knows I am bi and kinky. The ‘rents don’t know much about my sexuality, but I wouldn’t share those details even if I was the straightest straight-shooter. But my work…that’s another story. Not that I wouldn’t share that I am poly if it came up, if people ask a direct question about my life I am not going to lie. The kink, however, as with my parents, is private, because it deals with my sexuality, something I don’t feel the need to share with strangers (and workfolk fall into that category for me.) Of course there are questions of cross-over: if they were to know I was poly, and say, one of my relationships was with a woman who was open about her bisexuality, that might come out as well. I personally wouldn’t have a problem with that, as it deals with relationships, and not just the fact that I like to fuck women, which is no one’s business.
What’s all this got to with Facebook? Well, my Facebook account is strictly a work account.  I update only regarding work events. I don’t have a lot of friends on there, and in fact only three or four people on there are not either family or work-related. I use my real name on there, and I do not link back to either my sex or poly blog or my Twitter account from it.
So how did someone link from Facebook to this blog?
I am hoping it is some misunderstanding on my part about how “referrals” work, but honestly, I am clueless.
And unsure about what it means, if anything.
I’ve put not only my words, but more recently my face, my body & my identifying tatts out there for people to see. I never assumed anonymity, but…I kind of assumed the two things-my personal world and my professional-would remain somewhat separate. Does this mean they are not?
Edit:  Okay, mystery solved.  The links came from this post on someone else’s Facebook.  Hmmm. Of course I know there is no true anonymity online.  I write openly and frankly about sex, about MY personal, very sexual, very kinky sex life.  I know the “if I don’t want it to be seen, don’t put it out there” adage.  But this is the first time I’ve actually seen the possible intersection of my public life with my semi-public private life. And yes…it was/is uncomfortable, but much less so now that I know there isn’t some bizarre direct link from MY work Facebook account to this blog! Indirect links I suppose I can handle–and obviously will have to.  I mean, I dig people looking at my HNT’s (well else would I put them out there?) And reading my blog (again, why else expose myself this way?) I just don’t want a big read flashing banner on my Facebook acount that says: Go here! See your coworker naked and being pissed on! Yanno?

2 thoughts on “Facebook?!?

  1. Do you correspond with other bloggers with the same email address you used for Facebook? Or have you ever searched for friends with that email address?
    If so, that will make your vanilla Facebook name/picture show up in their list of suggested friends.
    The same thing can happen if you have a Facebook account for your blog.
    Does this make sense? Email me if you want more info: aagblog at gmail.

  2. No, I use separate email accounts for that very reason. I’ve figured out where it came from actually…I guess I just have to hope none of the measly 20 or so co-workers I have on my Facebook list aren’t friends with the account that linked to me…and…sigh…if they do…oh well. I’m out here. I do my best not to be TOO out, and don’t mention my organization ever at ALL, so…hopefully…it won’t bite me in the ass in a way that affects my job.
    Thanks for the note. 🙂

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