Cuntmeat, whore, fuckmeat, hole, slut…it.
He growls the words in my ear when he’s fucking me, he snarls them at me when he’s using me, he invades my mind with them, implanting them, making me eat them, breathe them, live them, be them.
He has my hair in his hand, pulling my head back, his mouth against my throat, his teeth grazing my jugular, his words searing my skin, burning, burning, like tiny licks of a candle flame.
You are my whore…god yes, fuck me, please.
You are cuntmeat to be used…yes, yes, use me, please.
You are a hole to be fucked by anyone’s cock that I tell you to fuck…yes…god yes…
I am girlmeat, I am your slut, I am yours to use any way you want, to give away, to hurt, to fuck…
Please, make me yours.
And he is whispering in my ear his favorite dirty fantasy. “They’ll pick you up at the airport, three or four of them. You won’t know them, but I’ll have told them it is theirs to use, this fucktoy.  That they can fuck it in all three holes, slap it, abuse it, then send it back to me…”
There is no more “I”. I–what is me–is just an it. A body to be used. A hole to be fucked. With his fingers curled inside me, crushing me, I come, screaming into the pillow, wracked by a blank furious frenzied desire that has nothing to do with me as a person.
I–it–is only a body for his use. Open, willing, waiting, a hole to be filled.
Yes, fuck it, use it, own it. It is yours.
Later. “The next time you go out with the Professor,” he says, “I want you to write what you are on your body. Wear what you are on your skin for your date with him.”
I think about that.
I think about what it might be like to sit there across from the Professor, watching him thinking he is talking to a namesnormal person, but knowing he is talking to a piece of girlmeat, a fucktoy, a hole. That, if he only knew it, he could call W up and ask him if he could use my mouth, fuck my throat, shoot his cum on me, and W would likely say yes.

And I get wet, just thinking that. I think about all the words I might use, words he has used on me, and where I might place them. Cunt, whore, girlmeat, fucktoy, hole.  His.

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