HNT – Caught

The day was warm and hazy, but with enough breeze to make parking under the massive oaks in the park for a quick catnap comfortable. I pulled my skirt up as high as I dared, spread my legs to catch every tickle of cool air between them, leaned back and closed my eyes.
I heard the vehicle pulling up in front of me, but I was dozy, sounds and thought blurred. Then I heard the car door slam and voices. I opened my eyes to see “Faith Ministry” on the back of a van parked directly in front of my car – and several men standing at the curb next to the passenger door, checking me out in all my dishabille. I glanced down to see that the edges of my skirt had fallen even further back to reveal the black lace of my panties. When I looked back up a woman was herding the men away, a look of ferocious censure on her face.
Oh well…it’s not the first time I’ve corrupted the faithful, and probably not the last.

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19 thoughts on “HNT – Caught

  1. That sounds so relaxing and fun. I love relaxing in the park in the shade if the weather is right.
    Nothing wrong with corrupting the faithful.
    This picture is gorgeous. The lighting is wonderful and you actually look some how cozy in the car. Happy HNT!

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