Getting Hung

Suspensions are all about flying. Flying free of the bonds that hold us to the earth, flying within the bonds that both keep us safe while we are airborne and hold us there, butterflies captured for a brief moment.
I’ve never actually been a big fan of watching a suspension. Slow, methodical and…well, to my mind, pretty boring. Very little going on, it seems. And then, once the girl is up, well…what then? She hangs around for a bit and comes down. Also, it seems to me that the same suspension is done over and over. As in all things, I want variety, I want action, I want something to happen.  I also want interaction between the Top and bottom, I want to feel something between them, and I don’t often see that. Too often it feels like what the term “rigger” that so many rope Tops call themselves implies: it seems mechanical, more about the rope and the tie than the girl or the interaction.
Not that there isn’t a certain amount of that in any rope bondage. For safety’s sake there has to be a great attention to detail, to how the rope is placed and tied. That’s all good. And, for a girl that really digs rope like I do (or any kind of bondage) all that time and effort is a part of it, draws me down into the experience, quiets me and pulls me into a certain headspace. It’s not exactly subspace, but something near to it, a kind of quiet inwardness. Every tug of the rope, every stroke of his hand, every time he moves me, repositions me, changes or adds new rope or tightens it, I spiral down deeper.  And in a suspension, you can add to that a certain feeling of objectification, of merely being an object that he is placing in a certain way, moving about like a barbie doll, and yeah, it works for me, and quite well. And now that I have experienced having it done a couple times, maybe I will enjoy watching them a bit more.
The two that we did last week were more experiments than actual “scenes,” altho the last one evolved into quite a nice scene by the time we were done.
The first was this one, against the wall. We were both uncertain about my arms during this one: with my recent mjw08492eissues, would I be able to handle it? But they turned out not to be a problem and we got some nice shots, although I couldn’t stay in the suspension long enough for him to do much more than take some pics. Oddly enough, I didn’t think this one was all that cool until I saw the pics, then I was like, “Wow! That looks amazing!” But during the setup for it there was a lot of adjusting and switching things around, trying things out, so I wasn’t able to get into the actual “scene-feel” like I might have otherwise.  I really like the almost-crucifixion-ish look to this photo tho.
Here’s one from the side as well, it kind of shows the angle a bit more:
Then afterward, he did something totally different.mjw08535e
What was so incredibly cool about this one was that I literally just floated there for the longest time, in my head, almost in a meditative state. I don’t even recall him taking pictures, though of course I know he did. In fact when I finally came out of it I was worried he must have been bored–what was there to see/do, after all?
Well, he did find something to do, and that’s when it got fun.

8 thoughts on “Getting Hung

  1. Oh wow. I really want to try this now. I think I’d love the objectification aspect of it, too, although I had never thought of it this way.
    Very cool, Jade! The one where you are lying in the ropes does look meditative and comfortable even.
    Thanks for sharing this. I have a newfound interest in bondage (it comes and goes, it seems 😉

    1. Heh, well, if you ever need a reference to someone in your area that can “show you the ropes” so-to-speak, give me a holler–I have a good friend/playpartner that I’d be more than happy to refer you to! 😉
      Speaking of which, I’ll be down your way in just a couple weeks! Woo-hoo! (Or should I say yee-haw!?) 🙂

  2. I especially like that first position.
    It’s interesting what you say about finding these scenes a little methodical. That’s how I feel as well, but what you say about “objectification” adds a very nice twist that is making much more of a fan.
    I love all your pictures, by the way. You’re a very sexy woman.

      1. Thanks back to you, then! 🙂
        I’ve been doing the same thing (stalking . . . errrr . . . . reading) here for a while. I love your stories and scenarios and your pictures are really top notch. W is a lucky guy.

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