HNT – The List

I had a “cage day” one weekend at W’s, during which one of my assignments was to write a list of all the men I have fucked.  The weekend of this event, as a matter of fact, though for the life of me I can’t recall if it was later on that same day, or if my cage day was the day before that rather spectacular beating. Doesn’t matter, I suppose, except that looking at the two photos I am amazed at what a different picture they each represent. Both of myself and of W.
Relaxed, playful, carefree.
Brutalized, subjugated, submissive.
Both me. Both him.  And blissfully happy either way.

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10 thoughts on “HNT – The List

  1. Wow! Now, that is a cage! Your shoes in your avatar shot are just amazing! I am glad you are back on track, and hope that means you are doing well.

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