Being "Out" and Poly Blogs

If my poly blog, A Poly Life, isn’t on your RSS feed, you may have missed a couple recent posts there dealing with being “out” as a poly person. This morning I decided to update the site a bit and add some blogs to my blogroll that deal primarily with poly relationships (as opposed to the sex & sexuality blogs that I list here.) I have actually not had a lot of luck finding that many poly blogs, which both surprises and disappoints me. There’s a plethora of really awesome sex bloggers out there, but not so many that just talk about the intricacies, complexities, joys & sorrows of living a poly life.  That said, if anyone knows of any that I have NOT listed there, please point them out to me, either here or there!
In any case, one in particular that spoke to me this morning, as I re-read my “being out” posts, was Coming Out Poly (couldn’t be a more apropos title, could it?) I really admire this group of “younger generation” polyfolk, and their willingness (and determination) to be out there in the public eye, as the post “Reaching Out” out says,

“…we were doing something few other poly’s had done: coming out completely by giving our full name and showing our face. I think it shows the difference between the generations in that we, as the Younger Generation, are more open to outing ourselves because we’re more comfortable with the openness and free exchange of ideas that the Internet provides.”

I am struggling a bit with my desire to be out in all ways (not just to family and friends.) And also to find ways to advocate for polyfolk in general, which is also important, in my opinion. I want poly to be just another relationship option for everyone, as I have been blessed to have it be in my own life.  But finding ways to do that is not always easy.

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