Rope Groupie

Okay I’ll admit it (and I know this comes as a huge surprise): I’m a rope groupie.  It’s what first attracted me to W. Literally, a picture of him putting rope on a woman in his main profile photo on Fetlife.  Then I went to his profile and I saw several more pictures of him, and women, and rope. But by then it wasn’t so much the rope itself, it was an intentness in his look when he his doing something, like tying rope, that attracted me.
I’ve seen that intensity in other Tops when they are playing—mainly rope Tops. I don’t know why tying a woman brings out that focus in a Top, but it does.  And I love it. I see that, I feel that focus on me, I feel that combination of objectification (I am just a manikin, a doll to be adorned with rope), appreciation for both my beauty in rope and the beauty of the rope on me, assessment (what can I do with this body, how can I present it, hold it, adorn it, torment it, bend it, mold it), and that edge of sadism, of considered intent to cause a reaction or physical discomfort, and I revel in it.  And I am an instant groupie.
I met two men this weekend that inspired that in me, and in typical serendipitous fashion, I got to be a demo bottom for one of them until his actual demo bottom showed up for the class. (The other is a post all unto himself.)
Lochai is a fairly well-known figure in the kink world.  He is, according to his Twitter profile, a “rigger, photographer, porn director, professional pervert.” He produces bondage video for ( & and gives presentations all over on all aspects of rope bondage. He’s also a hell of a nice guy and definitely gets the mentality that “we do this because it feels good, makes us hot, gets us off sexually and mentally.”  I really do get that for many people it is a lifestyle and that sex is not their reason for doing it, but the people that I tend to gravitate toward, and the people whose philosophy about WIITWD that resonates most with me, are usually the kink-for-sex folk. I mean, that’s why I do it.  And Lochai seems to be either of that ilk or to get people that are.
The class during which I got the pleasure of getting rope put on me by Lochai was not one that he was originally supposed to teach. James Mogul, also of, was supposed to be teaching a class called “One Rope,” but his plane was first delayed, then canceled, and he never made it in. Lochai was attending the class, but when Mogul didn’t show up, he took over the class at the last moment. It wasn’t the class that Mogul had planned to teach, because, as he said, he had planned to attend the class himself to learn all the one-rope ties and tricks, but he did a fair job of showing how to do some effective ties. And I got to be the body he tied off on, because I raised my hand when he asked if anyone in the room was fairly flexible. I would have said I was a CIA operative if it would have gotten Lochai’s rope (and hands) on me.
Turns out I was quite flexible enough for what he wanted to show, and of course I was all in that floaty rope bottom place from the first moments he put his hands on me. Even if it was just a demo. I am such a rope groupie.
It was a prime way to start off what ended up being an incredible weekend (and more about which I will share soon!)

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