HNT Out Takes

So every week in December Osbasso has holiday “themes” for the HNT’s. (To see what they are, click on the links at the top of his sidebar.)  I’ve been having loads of fun with Ad and W coming up with concepts and trying to make those concepts work.
Some work better than others. But they are all fun.
Here’s one that didn’t work so well (I didn’t end up looking quite like what I was supposed to.  Can you guess that that was?) But we did have a lot of fun with it!
I’ll be posting some “real” HNT’s tomorrow, if I find the time. But meanwhile, I thought you might enjoy seeing the fun we had.

Can you guess what I'm supposed to be?

Hanging from the Christmas tree...

Here's one thing you do to one.

Guessed yet?

Ewww! Not the face!

And here's what you do to one if that one is Jade...


8 thoughts on “HNT Out Takes

  1. The look is different, but I like it. Just found your blog and I really love it. I’m not really into D/s but I love bondage. Love the pics you share. Looking forward to reading more in the future….Kara 🙂

  2. How cute/sexy! I love candy canes! I used some for my hnt this week too. Just not as creatively as you! Love these pics. You both look like you’re having a good time. =) Happy HNT!

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