First Lines

I got this from Osbasso’s site recently.  I don’t often do memes, but it just seems appropriate, here at the beginning of a new year.
What was the first line from your blog the first day of each month in 2009?

January – “I’ve been looking at photos of the scenes that W and I do.” (How things change–and stay the same–in a year. Looking back at my love/hate affair with being photographed…I’ve come a long way, baby.)
February – “I love it when I wake up to one or the other’s hands on me, pressing, mauling, pulling, squeezing;  fingers or a cock slipping inside before I’ve fully had a chance to wake; a mouth on my neck, a hand on my throat; a whispered “cunt” in my ear.” (Particularly appropriate after the way I ended up spending my NYE last night.)
March – “So there’s a girl.” (One of my first posts about J.  And yeah, how things change…)
April – “We did end up having a date.” (Mmm, a lovely post about a non-date date with Ad. God I love that man.)
May – “Thought maybe I’d share some “real world” stuff, cuz you know, I’m not all sex and kink.” (In which I introduce my pup, and reveal that I am a real live person with a normal life, not just a sex object.)
June – “Not precisely true, as I’m not “still awake” but have been awoken from a restless sleep, and it’s not the words in my head I am trying to escape but the itching of my body-the damn poison ivy, while mostly subdued, always picks the early morning hours to drive me crazy.” (Referencing the words to a song (didn’t count those as my first line, since they aren’t my words) and musing on the nature of exposure, in photos & emotions.)
July – “I was at the shoe store with a girlfriend today and I told her that W felt I had enough slut shoes to last for quite some time, so removing shoe purchases from my budget due to a paycut should not be a hardship.” (Speaking of exposure, this was my first HNT in which I “exposed” part of myself that I seldom do.)
August – “A while ago I bought several toys just for me.” (Ha, how funny to find this post again! Last night we were talking about this exact toy (and possibly this exact time that it was used.)  And I see that I promised to write about something else red and never did.)
September – “Woot!” (About my first post over on Eden Cafe.)
October – “I enjoyed the other morning too, he says. ” (In which I muse on how W and I each perceive the things we do.  One of my favorite posts, actually.)
November – “I have an issue with peeing.” (‘Nuff said.)
December – “That’s actually a common misquote of an Academy Award acceptance speech made by Sally Field.” (e[lust] was out, and one of my other favorite posts, “The Heart of Darkness” was voted into the top 3.)

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