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This weekend is a schoolwork weekend from hell. I have two papers due (well, one plus an extra credit one) and a final project that will be presented at our last day of class, as our final, on May 5th. It’s a group project, and though my groupmates are working on it (I have been blessed not to have any true slackers in my group) I really have defaulted to the “leader” of the group, and I am also the most…anal perfectionist…of the group. So I am probably doing way more work than this project deserves, and more than anyone else is doing.  But this is all my own fault, and none of theirs. They’re good people.
I do need a bit of distraction, though. So I was reading blogs and ran across Curvaceous Dee’s post on Wankfest 2010 to celebrate National Masturbation Month.  Didn’t know that self-pleasuring has its own month?  Well neither did I!  From the webposting referenced above:

“So how does a hush-hush subject like masturbation get a month of its own? It started in 1995 in San Francisco as a response to the forced resignation of U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders. After a speech at the United Nations World AIDS Day in 1994, an audience member asked Elders about masturbation’s potential for discouraging early sexual activity. She answered,“I think it is something that is part of human sexuality and a part of something that perhaps should be taught.”

That was the end of the first black Surgeon General’s Washington career, but the beginning of National Masturbation Month. The founders of San Francisco based sex toy and education shop Good Vibrations said, “Enough is enough!” They wanted to do two things: keep up the conversation about Elders unjust firing and make people talk about masturbation.

Good Vibrations recognized many people needed support and advice about the very act of masturbating. One of the first things they had to do is provide reassurance. They made sure people knew it was okay to masturbate in the first place. For so long, shame and stigma have been attached to masturbating. Yet the truth is it is an activity so commonplace, natural, pleasurable and healthy it is said “ninety-eight percent of us masturbate, and the other two percent are liars.”

I admit that I have a high embarrassment factor when it comes to self-pleasure. It’s hard for me to do in front of someone, and even talking about it makes me uncomfortable at times. But I know it’s socialization that makes me feel shame about something so natural and pleasurable, and so a lot of times I force myself to say it, and even to do it, in an effort to un-brainwash myself about it. Yeah, I’m a strange woman.
So, for someone that enjoys torture along with her pleasure, and especially enjoys a bit of acute embarrassment mixed in with her sex, this seems like a natural, right?
The rules are pretty simple, though the “no repeats” on toys could be a challenge for me, since I always use Baldy (my Hitachi) for the down and dirty quick orgasm. And honestly, I don’t know if I HAVE 30 different toys.
The Wankfest 2010 challenge (per Dee):
1: Wank every day of the month of May. This includes days when I may have had an orgasm through other means (ie: sex, or other people).
2: Wanking comes before sex, or any orgasms by other means!
3: No repeats! This means no reuse of the same toy, or the same media. (Clarification: fingers may be used in conjunction with toys. And different authors or scenes are acceptable within the same book or porno. Repeats of locations are acceptable, such as bed etc.)
(Hey Dee, if you read this: can just fingers be used more than once? Or do we have to use a toy every time?)
4: Keep a spreadsheet (this links to Dee’s, I’ll post mine if I decide to take the plunge.)
I emailed W and asked him if I should. He said I better get on it if I’m gonna, since it’s 11PM right now. lol  I kinda wish it was a requirement, something I have to do for the month, actually. I think that would be a fun game, and honestly, even if I did it and keep a spreadsheet like she does, I’d probably not follow-thru without some sort of enforcement. Now that could be a punishment game I could get into. Or humiliation play, being made to do it in front of one or the other guy.  But, I guess like anything else, it could get old. And get to be a chore (for us all), as opposed to the fun it is supposed to be.  So maybe it’s best to challenge myself, and see if I can come up with enough to keep me interested.
And if I am brave enough to post the fantasy/media that I use each time. Cuz I got me some dirty fantasies and the few times I watch porn, well…it ain’t your grandmother’s porn.  (Or maybe it is, what do I know?)
Could be fun, huh?

3 thoughts on “Distracting Myself

  1. I am so delighted you’re participating! Feel free to use the image I whipped up if you like.
    Fingers are always allowed. So you can use them solo, or in conjunction with a toy (repeats with fingers are fine).
    And, of course, you can modify the rules to suit yourself – after all, I just made them up for me!
    I’m twittering with the #wankfest2010 tag – be great if you want to do that same!
    xx Dee

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