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Having just had a story accepted for Rachel Kramer Bussel’s upcoming “Orgasmic” anthology, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to be on the Virtual Book Tour for the recently published Please, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission. As a woman exploring her own submission, so many of these stories spoke to me about what it feels like for other women experiencing the same things I am, even if it is “just” erotica.
That’s the thing that made reading this book such a satisfying experience for me: it may be erotica, and these are fictional stories, but the emotions, reactions and desires of the protagonists in the stories were as real to me as my own.  I recognized myself in so many of them.
I don’t know the personal predilections of the authors of these stories, but every one of them understands what it is to surrender to another.  Their protagonists are all different, and each expresses their submission in different ways, but at the end of each story is the ultimate desire of one who understands the submissive’s role in the power games that Tops and bottoms play: the moment when you give over to another, opening your self to them in a way that is both profound and deeply, unabashedly, erotic.
When I read in Rachel Kramer Bussel’s introduction, “It’s about unlocking something within yourself so you can reach beyond your normal limits, exposing your body and soul in order to go somewhere you cannot get to alone” all I could do was nod.  “The lesson there,” she continues later, “and in all of these stories, is that there is risk involved in submission. I don’t mean the physical risks, but the emotional ones, the ones that require a leap of faith, a knowledge that what you are doing may unnerve you, confuse you and scare you, even while it makes you wet and eager and ready for more.”
Oh yes.
These stories made me “wet and eager and ready for more.” But they also made me think about my own submission, and how my partners draw it from me. Although these stories are told from the female submissive’s point of view, they are all, ultimately, about a relationship, the relationship between a Top and a bottom, between a man and a woman that are deeply, intimately aware of what makes the other tick, and use that knowledge not only to turn each other on, but to take the other into those risky emotional places.
The stories in this book may “unnerve, confuse or scare” you, they may make you laugh, or cringe, or make you think.  But they will also make you “wet and eager and ready for more.”  I can almost guarantee that.

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