Wanton Wednesday – Ode to the Month of May

As a last fond wave to National Masturbation Month, I’m posting one of my favorite pics (you can see a different version originally posted as an HNT here.)
What I love about this picture is not only the photo itself, but the fact that this was the very first time I masturbated in front of W. There were lots of firsts that day.  You can read more about all those here.

For more on me fucking myself, and masturbation in general, see my recently posted writing at Eden Cafe, Word for May: Masturbation, as well as my posts updating my progress as I try to meet Curvaceous Dee’s Wankfest 2010 Challengehere, here, here and here!

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Oh, and in case you didn’t get a chance to before,

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14 thoughts on “Wanton Wednesday – Ode to the Month of May

  1. What I like about that photo so much is how casual you appear. I get the same sort of feel as if I was watching you butter some bread, its such a regular and routine think that you dont even think about it. Just do it and enjoy 🙂

    1. Heh…if you could know how NOT casual I felt! Masturbation in front of someone has always been hard for me…but right at that moment…I think I had forgotten I was being observed… 😉

  2. I’m with you Jade. It’s very hard for me to masturbate in front of someone, even Jess. Though I think the idea of having to do it in a cage is HOT. Since I wasn’t there I don’t know all the details of your situation. I can just imagining being locked in there and told you cannot be released until you masturbate. Seems like such a HOT idea. How long do you typically stay locked in the cage? Is it locked where you have to wait for W to release you or can you open the door is need be and just stay in there until he tells you that you can leave?
    Hope you’re still having a great vacation!! Kara XOXO

    1. @Kara: I think that day I was in there for about 5 hours (he will remember better than I, I’m sure.) And yes, it is locked from the outside by him, so I am there until he lets me out.
      And yes-the cage definitely added to the “hotness” factor. 😉

      1. @Kara: That was the longest day. But W has had one of his partners sleep in it over night. (He says he would make me, but that would be punishing HIM by denying him my presence in bed that night.) 😉
        It’s surprisingly comfortable, though that may be because it’s “too” big. In was made with another in mind, I think, who is a lot taller than I am. W says if he wanted it to be torture he’d have to make it smaller (or do what he did to me in the other post I made about cage play.) But usually he puts me in there for rest time or to “park” me while he does something else, so it isn’t intended as torture.

  3. ds can’t imagine being locked in a cage, but would accept the challenge, if Master demanded it.
    {Btw, relative to the previous post this refers to, you’re *not* alone in your need for privacy during peeing.}

    1. It was a lot of fun, Dee! Both reading about *your* progress, and chronicling my own. 😉
      Next year I think I want to try to attend a Masturbat-a-thon and tweet from it in real time. 😉

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