Five Friday Follows

I’ve been updating my blogroll and RSS feeds to remove outdated/moved/deleted blogs and add new ones that I’ve found in my Twitter, Fetlife, e[lust], and other miscellaneous wanderings on the net.  Along with that I have been pondering my own nominations for the 3rd Annual Sexiest Bloggers List.  I’ve found some great reads on the prior two lists, and thought I would share my own nominations with you.  I tried to nominate blogs that I particularly like but that I didn’t already see on the list.
Bad Bad Girl Hot, sexy, smart reading about a D/s relationship… (and for a two-fer here is the blog of her D-type person: Coyote Too)
Submission & Metaphor Lyrical, heartfelt and real.
Suspire Her writing is beautiful, poetic and raw, eliciting emotions in me long after I am done reading her.
Vesta’s Submission I have enjoyed reading about her journey into submission with her husband and following her intellectual musings about this life and WIITWD.
SapioSlut One of my new favorite hottest blogs, she and her partner are, in her words, “kinky intellectuals” telling their “BDSM love story.” My kinda people!
If you haven’t nominated your favorite bloggers, head over there now–nominations are open until Aug. 1!

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