Lesbian Lust has arrived!

As I mentioned, I have had two stories published this year, one in Orgasmic, edited by Rachel Bussel Kramer and one in an anthology called Lesbian Lust. Both are published by Cleis Press and available on Amazon.com.  You can find Lesbian Lust at the Cleis Press website as well.  My story in Lesbian Lust, “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” is published under the name Jade Melisande.  (My story in Orgasmic is called “Switch,” written under the same name.)  If you have been following me since the beginning, you will probably recognize the genesis of the first in my writings and yearnings for J, and in fact it was directly inspired by a piece of writing (of the same name) that I wrote in Pieces of Jade about her.

So go buy them already!  Seriously!  Besides my own stories, you’ll find many more tales of sweet, hot lust…and who doesn’t want to read about sweet, hot lust?

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