The Morning After

As I hinted at in this post, my welcome home didn’t end that evening.
The next morning I woke slowly to Ad’s hand on the back of my neck, not forceful, just resting there under my hair, stroking my skin softly. W was asleep on his side facing me, I was curled between the two of them, glad for their warmth in the air conditioning.
I scootched back a bit to cup myself against Ad’s body, and found him erect and ready for me. Reaching between my legs, I guided him to my warm–but not yet wet–slit.  He let me stroke him against myself for a few minutes, and I moved so that I could guide him into me, but he had other ideas.  Taking a firmer hold on my neck, he pulled me around and pushed me onto my back.  Lifting my legs all the way up by my ears, he knelt between my legs and pushed into me in one smooth motion.
“Pretzel girl,” he whispered in my ear as he pushed down on my thighs, bending me completely in half. He loves this position, and so do I. It puts him at the perfect angle to rub his cock against my g-spot, and gives him complete control of how hard, how deep, and how fast his strokes are.  I can’t move against him, can’t move away, and even though my hands are free, I am pinned.
My hands weren’t free for long, however. Ad pinned one down above my head and W, who had obviously been awakened by us, snaked out his hand to grasp the other wrist as Ad began thrusting into me. As I began to thrash and moan, W put his other hand over my mouth, silencing me lest we wake the kids. I may not have been wet when Ad and I started, but I was soaking now. I could feel the wetness dripping down my thighs and into the crack of my ass–a happenstance I would be grateful for moments later, when Ad rolled off me and W took his place.
I have this recurring fantasy in which I am bent over a piece of furniture, my ass and pussy splayed open and ready for use. W is always at my head, controlling things, directing them, and usually telling me what’s going on, because I can’t look behind me. What’s going on is he has several men lined up behind me, and one by one they are–or will–take their turns at me. I say “will” because I usually come before the third one has gone, and it is the second one pushing himself into me, almost before the first has pulled all the way out, shoving into my cunthole as it drips the other man’s semen, that always gets me.
And here I was living that fantasy out.
Well, almost. Because of course W always does things his way, and he didn’t just push into my wet, open, waiting pussy. Instead he pushed against the tightness of my asshole.
I gasped and squirmed, trying to escape that invasion…somehow getting fucked in the ass in bed with both my lovers while my children were in the house was just wronger than regular ole pussy sex. But Ad held me down, and covered my mouth, and W shoved himself inside.
I’m glad I was as wet as I was from Ad…W pushed in with very little resistance, and so the involuntary whimpers and occasional bellows that come out of me when W fucks my ass dry didn’t happen. In moments he was fucking me hard, with long, deep, strokes that had me panting and gasping. Ad still had one hand on my shoulder, holding me down, when W suddenly switched the way he was holding me, and shoved my right thigh even higher and harder up against my cheek.  Somehow he managed to get his arm completely locked behind my thigh and his hand back on my throat. I gasped and struggled–in earnest this time–but he ignored my struggles and simply bore down on me, fucking himself into my ass while Ad held me down, while they both pinned me, and I was helpless between them.
I don’t know whose hand it was that clapped over my mouth as I came, and it didn’t much matter. I was just grateful that it did, because I would have screamed loud enough to rouse the children.  W shuddered above me, coming in my ass, and almost before he was finished Ad drug me back over to him and pushed my mouth down on his cock.  He came seconds later, filling my mouth with semen, which I gulped eagerly before collapsing on top of him. W lay, breathing heavily, on my other side.
“Welcome home,” one of them said.
“It’s good to be back,” I replied.  And it was.

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