Wanton Wednesday – Cleavage

So the theme for this Wednesday’s wantonness is cleavage.  Hmmm…
Let’s face it, I don’t have a lot.  But…I love my titties! Yes, they may be tiny, but they are powerful, and they’re all mine.  And boy howdy they can take a lot!  I love them to be squeezed, pinched, suctioned, clamped, stretched, mauled, clothespinned, flogged, caned, cropped and slapped.  Singletailing them terrifies me–and excites me.  I have fantasies of having them hooked up to a milking machine and feeling them suctioned mechanically.  I love the feel of large, male hands groping them.  I love rope on them and I love binding them in a corset.  I love wearing things that a woman with a lot more to display might be a little uncomfortable in: blouses just a bit too low-cut, t-shirts and tank tops with no bra, my tit collars under a sheer, silky blouse.  Conversely I love wearing lacy, sexy bras and lingerie, especially if it can peek out of my blouse just a bit.
To top it off, there’s pretty much a direct line between them and my cunt.  A direct enough one that, given a few “warm-up” orgasms, I can sometimes come again just by intense nipple stimulation/play and the tiniest bit of stimulation (the barest of touches, sometimes only clothing brushing against me or squeezing my legs together) down below.  As W says, “They work good!”
Plus, okay, the girls look good in red.

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8 thoughts on “Wanton Wednesday – Cleavage

  1. Yes, they do look lovely in red! Beautiful pics.
    I love your words too – I can relate to being able to take a lot, and the direct line to (my) cunt.

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