Beautiful Bird…

“Mon bel oiseau, encore plus belle lorsque tu es en cage.”
My beautiful bird, even more beautiful when you’re in a cage.

That is how Google translates the subject line of a blogpost I recently ran across–one in which some of my cage photos were pictured.  I tracked it back from an “incoming link” as I was perusing my blog stats and was enormously flattered to see my pictures there.  And what a wonderful saying/expression. I can think of many Tops who would agree with it.
From his notes on my pics:

“Bien prise en cage
Et fortement soumise à contrainte, pour notre plus grand plaisir.
Mais qui sais aussi se ménager des moments de délices.”

Which Google translates as:

Although taken in a cage
And highly subject to compulsion, for our greatest pleasure.
But also know of a moment of delight.

Nice, eh?  Take a moment and look at the other beautiful caged birds he has in the post.

Thank you, my blogger friend from afar!

And now, from this weekend, another kind of cage:

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