Wanton Wednesday – Steel & Lace

I love the juxtaposition on steel and lace in this pic.  It was taken this week when I finally got a teeny bit of playtime, the first in weeks and weeks, because of W being out of town for a month and then me being on medical “hiatus.” I feel like I’m starting to get back to “normal” (whatever that is!) and later W helped me feel even more so by pushing the edges of the nice sweet pic that I had in mind with a twist of his own. (Bless the man.) Click thru to see his version of steel and lace.
As an aside, I think most you probably saw my first 30 Days of Kink–Defining My Kinky Self post, in which I described my kinky self in terms of my relationship with submission. It is an emotional definition, because for me, the heart of kink is the emotional resonance it has for me.  That truly is why I do what I do.
There is another side though too. The purely physical side. The fun side. The side that loves gadgets and toys and restraints and play and dressing up and being tied up and the purely physical sensations of what it is we do.  The joy and laughter and pleasure and pain and flying and being high and crying and coming and just being alive and so in sync with another human being that for those moments, there is nothing else but the two (or three) of you.
Somehow I never got around to talking about that in that piece.
It’s all in these two pictures, though (at least for me.) It was all right there in that morning and the following evening as I started to stretch my physical wings again with W’s help.  (Or should that be “help.”) 😉  Honest, I was having fun!
Happy Wanton Wednesday, everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Wanton Wednesday – Steel & Lace

    1. You’re welcome. 🙂 There is so much depth and complexity to what we do (the global-kinksters we) that sometimes I feel like there are a million posts to be made about just that topic alone!)

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