Task 4 – Labeled

“Write “Fuck Meat” in letters at least 2″ tall on a part of your body not normally visible to the public. Also write the letters FM in a body location that can be seen by the public. Have a ready explanation in case anyone asks what the letters stand for. The writing should remain in place at least 24 hours.”
Dressing for my lunch date.  This was not actually too anxiety-producing, since I was wearing jeans and I knew that only I would know it was there.

The next part was more so, but when I realized my sleeves would just cover it up, I knew that wasn’t the intent either…

…so I wrote it again here, where it would certainly be seen (I talk a lot with my hands.)

This was a first, very vanilla date, with a confessed “math geek” that had told me once that I was “out of his league” (due to my lifestyle & experiences.)  While I think that’s a pile of horseshit, I did know that he wasn’t likely to come on to me at all as he confessed to also being inexperienced in dating & flirting, and this was, after all, a lunch date.  He was kind of cute online with his sweet geekiness, though, and when he’d told me that he’d never gotten laid on a first date, I had kind of thought about making that happen for him.  Alas, again, a lunch date was going to make that unlikely.
Not impossible, though.
I decided to play it this way: if he asked what the initials meant, I’d tell him, and if he showed any interest, I’d offer to show him the words written out. That way I wasn’t simply coming on to him (a role I don’t do well), and it sort of…left it to fate. Or his curiosity.  Would he win the lottery? Or would the opportunity pass him by?
And of course, that would save me having to hear he just wasn’t interested, if that was the case.
It wasn’t the case–he was interested, that was easy to see. And we in fact had a spirited conversation about, of all things, math.  LOL  But he didn’t ask.
But all is not lost.  The words are still there, and Ad and I are home alone tonight. I am hoping I can convince him to make the words a reality.


Edit: We did have sex, but no, he didn’t make me feel like fuck meat. He just doesn’t have it in him to do that (except, oddly, when I’ve been drinking too much. Somehow he is able to be okay with treating me that way when I’m insensible, lol.) This is not not entirely a bad thing, though. Not every woman wants to feel like that, and even I don’t want it all the time.  It’s good to have a man that will simply have sex with me, or, occasionally, make love to me.  I don’t believe Math Guy would have made me feel that way either, if it had gone there. But in that case, I still would have, because then it wouldn’t have been him making me fuck meat, but W.
This morning Ad and I had sex again.  Again, it was gentle as opposed to raw, but that’s a good way to wake up.  After he came though, and as he lay on top of me, catching his breath, he surprised me. He grabbed a strand of my hair and tugged it to make me look up at him. “Go get ready for your run, fuck meat,” he said. “But don’t wash before you go.  I want you to go for your run with come dripping down your legs.”   Nice.
PS – Yes, Task 3 was skipped. It’s an “over time” task so I’ll have to report on that later.

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