Tasks 7 & 8: Watersports

Two of my current tasks involve peeing. W and I are no strangers to the bizarre ways that pee-games affect me.  He makes me drink his piss and he pisses on me, not frequently, but often enough to remind me that he can, and will, whenever he chooses. And honestly? It makes me squishy and hot and humiliated and fucking wet (haha-no pun intended) every damn time. It also affects me emotionally on a profound level that I just don’t have the words for.
These two tasks though…I don’t know. Perhaps if he was here, overseeing them…making me do them, and then watching me…they would affect me the same way. But from afar…I don’t know.
The first is to pee through my panties. I’ve actually been putting this off. He gave me a pass for Saturday, because of the big event that I had to manage, but I was supposed to do it (and one other task) by today. I didn’t get to either of them.  The other one, which is a bit time-consuming, and something I wasn’t able to get away from the kids long enough to accomplish, is understandable not to have done, but this one, peeing through my underwear…hell, that I could have very easily done.  And the idea does kind of…makes me a little hot with embarrassment. But doing it alone…just doesn’t do much for me. So I do it…and then…what?  Take them off, wash them out, and…get redressed. ~shrug~
I do love the idea of having bathroom control exerted. Of having to ask to use the restroom. That thought has always made me hot. Task 8 was something close to it, though I didn’t have to ask permission. Instead, out of the blue while we were chatting, he told me to look at the clock and not use the bathroom for 1 hour from that time. I confess to feeling a twinge of excitement in my cunt when I read that. But I don’t think it was the peeing so much as the being given a direct order, a command.
With the Panty Pee, I think it would work if he was here, standing over me, while I did it.
(Then maybe stuffing them in my mouth and taping them there, then pushing me down on the bathroom floor or over the toilet and fucking me from behind…)
Oh. Whew, I was getting a little carried away, wasn’t I? Fuck I am one dirty little bitch, aren’t I?  But yeah, maybe that’s it, maybe that’s what I need to make it hot.
Then again, I may discover I don’t need any of that, if and when I finally do it.
I guess we’ll both have to wait and see.


2 thoughts on “Tasks 7 & 8: Watersports

  1. Oooh, I love watersports. They are perhaps my biggest turn on. I’m more of a solo player so I pee on myself, drink my piss, and so on but I never thought of peeing through my underwear (mostly cause I used to get yelled at for wetting myself when I was a kid) but I’ll have to try it!

  2. I understand what your saying about being no fun peeing by yourself. My Ex would often make me pee myself and then not allow to change. This included when lifestyle friends were visiting. However most of these scenes were done when I was restrained. She enjoyed watching me struggle to hold my pee and then finally breaking down and going where I was at. if it was done on a kitchen type floor I would often have to lick it up after the scene. I found all this very humiliating but in the end I loved how much it showed the control she had over me.
    ~Jess XX~

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