Task 6 – Chime

Shortly after I completed Task 7, Ad and I went upstairs to do Task 6. We actually had several things we wanted to get done, and needed to be at W’s in order to do them so we kind of decided to combine them all into one “scene” (although it didn’t really end up being a scene, more like just fooling around. But it was playful and fun, which was good.)
The set-up for Task 6 was this:
Obtain a set of nipple clamps with a connecting chain. From the center of the chain hang a small weight. Attach the chain to nipples and kneel on hands and knees over a glass. Lower the weight into the glass so that it does not touch the bottom or the walls of the glass. Remain in this position for 15 minutes. Each time the weight comes into contact with the glass add one minute. Report on the total time taken to complete the task.
Ad had forgotten to bring our regular nipple clamps with the chain between them, and we couldn’t find a pair at W’s, so we had to improvise, and used this toy that I had bought with the Ex a long time ago, and only used once (after that I wouldn’t let him get near me with it.) The toy is a Y shape leather piece with long, pincer-like clamps at the three ends.  The leather is short, but somewhat adjustable, with the intent to clamp the nipples with two and the clit with the other, causing the sub to have to stay bent lest they pull on them.  The clamps have a piece of metal that slides up them to tighten them, and can be either unbearably tight or comfortably so.  The reason I never let the Ex get near me with it after the one time is that he put the one on my clit and accidentally slid the tightening piece down so tight I screamed “red! red! red!” at the top of my lungs, but he was so startled that he yanked on it, causing me even more pain, before he was finally able to get it off.
I really thought my clit was broken. LOL
Anyway, I recently gave it to W, in the hopes that he would be able to use it without damaging me (see how much faith I have in him?) and also because I wanted him to, in order to get over my terror of the thing.  Brave (or stupid) girl, right?
So we decided to use that, but with the clamps on my nipples and the other end for the weight. When we first tried it, me on my hands and knees on the floor, though, there wasn’t enough height.  And then Ad had the idea that it was going to be too easy, so he improvised thusly:

Me being very very still...

I am sure you all understand the implication of a longer string, right? The slightest movement makes it sway…and the more it sways, the wider the pendulum swings…
Also, he put TWO weights on it, because he…hell, because he wanted to.
Also, he decided to accomplish another (supposed-to-be) unrelated task: he painted me with hand paints.  While I knelt there trying to be still!
See, one of the theme parties on the cruise is Mardis Gras, and I’ve decided to go in body paints, but we didn’t know if the little box of glow in the dark paints we had would work, so we needed to try them out. NOT while I am trying to stay still!!!!
Or, apparently, while I am trying to stay still.

So, the results of this Task were hideously and evilly compromised. If he had not had his hands all over me, shoving me around (he says that is a gross exaggeration, but I cry foul!) I am convinced I would have been able to do the 15 minutes–even with the added difficulty of the longer string!–without having to add a minute.  As it was, I added 8 additional minutes onto the time.

The End.

Oh wait, it wasn’t really the end, because there was yet another Task to complete.  And this one came complete with video!  But you’ll have to wait on that one until tomorrow…
(Don’t you just love cliffhangers?!?)

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  1. Great post Jade! I like reading about Ad and the dynamic that you two have. I’d call painting you while you perched on the stools trying to keep still with 2 weights dangling of your tits highly cheeky, but also creative!

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