Task 9 – Hairbrush

So contrary to my hints in my previous Task post, I can’t post a video here. (sad sad) I will be able to in my new .com blog, but (sigh) I haven’t got that up and running yet.  Can you say “too much to do”?
Anyway, this was the set up:
Brush your hair 100 times. Count down from 100 to keep track.  Do this naked. When you are done, lie down and spread your legs. Take the brush and slap your pussy with it five times, increasing the intensity with each stroke. The fifth stroke should sting. Do this with approximately 10 seconds in between each stroke. Count out the seconds to yourself, then don’t delay, take the stroke again, and on to the next one. Start gently, then rapidly increase the force until the fifth one is as hard as you dare.
You’ll recall that I had already peed myself and then hovered on hands and knees over a glass with my nipples in clamps trying to keep a weight from chiming against the side of a glass, while Ad painted me with body paints.
This is how I ended that scene:

Kinda pretty, huh?

This is me twenty minutes later, brushing my kinky-ass hair into a frizzy mess.
And, um, trying to count BACKWARDS from 100.  Counting backwards–not so much my forte.

And then I whacked myself. FIVE times.  On the pussy.  Ad caught it all on video.  It was pretty funny (I know, wasn’t supposed to be, but doing anything with Ad usually degenerates into gales of laughter.)
You’ll have to wait till I get pieces-of-jade.com up and running before I can show you that, though!

2 thoughts on “Task 9 – Hairbrush

  1. Sounds like you had some fun 😉
    I love the last picture of you brushing your hair. You just look so beautiful doing it. Those red heels are very hot to. I always love when Kara wears here. Red shoes are my favorite to see on her 🙂
    ~Jess XX~

  2. Thanks Jess. W totally surprised me last night (and made me actually blush with pleasure) when he told me in IM that he liked the hairbrushing picture too: “very cute picture of you brushing your hair.” And here I thought he only liked to see me miserable. lol

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