Task 12 – A Brainy Girl

Task 12 – Create a scrabble like crossword puzzle in which no fewer than 20 sex words cross each other, OR  hold a pair of high heels in each hand (one pair per hand) with arms held out to the sides (horizontally) for 20 minutes. Edit: Wearing high heels during Brawn will erase 10 minutes. Wearing high heels during Brain will erase 5 words. High heels being worn must be 4″ or higher.
I can never do anything halfway. Of course I had to wear heels while I did this Task (duh!) And of course I would choose Brains over Brawn.

Working hard on my crossword...

But I wasn’t going to take the easy way out. I came up with _____ words.

Sex words on the board:

Fuck suck dick cock clit lick penis horny cunt hump lips tongue choke hard fist thrust slam wet slippery comes orgasm pussy pump slit nasty hussy

And best of all: ME.

I think it’s hilarious that as I was brainstorming words, “slap” and “choke” just naturally came to mind.

Damn–it looks like I forgot the best word of all: slut!

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