Task 13 – Coat Tale

W likes to take me out in public in various states of undress or duress.  He’s taken me to the mall in slutwear, to dinner with a friend from out of town in nothing but a coat and thigh high boots, made me wear my tit collars to work and out to a dinner with friends in a trenchcoat after a severe slashing with his singletail that left my clothes (and back, thighs and ass) in tatters beneath the coat. He’s taken me to a movie with chains shoved inside of me and to lunch with a cuntclamp on and to another lunch with a buttplug in.
He’s just a fun-lovin’ kind of guy.
For this Task he said:  Spend a minimum of two hours shopping in public naked under a coat and wearing high heels. You must ask at least two total strangers a question. (Need not be consecutive hours – and can be in more than one location, but driving time doesn’t count.)
I accomplished this with ease, but he also got a bonus: we went out to eat (at Hooters, no less) as well. I think I got more looks there than I did while shopping, since I couldn’t take my coat off.
I did have to cheat a little though–my heels were actually boots due to the snow, but they were high heel boots!

On the way to the mall.

A peak at the mall.

The end of a long shopping day!

Task accomplished.
Edit:  Ad says that I didn’t actually accomplish this task, because I didn’t ask two total strangers a question!  I say I did–I asked several salespeople questions! He contends that salespeople don’t count, that it had to be random people…
So…a penalty?  A fail? A re-do?  Where will W’s opinion fall on this Task?


8 thoughts on “Task 13 – Coat Tale

  1. I say re-do. However this time you have to do it for an entire weekend. Once you leave work on Friday until Sunday night. Any time you leave the house you can only wear the coat. For the penalty you have to wear heeled sandals. This way when you feel the cold snow on your feet it will remind you of not completing your task. Wherever you go you have to park as far from the door as possible. This way you can feel the cold air on your body as you walk to your destination.
    If you want to add a little fun then ask W about adding a Masturbation task. Say in a store changing room, a movie theater & a restaurant. I would let you have multiple orgasms. This way if you like to make noise (I know I do once the 2nd orgasm hits;) the idea is you have to try and keep yourself contained in public. Otherwise you’ll be heard by others. A restaurant can be more fun because not only do you have to keep the noise down but people can see you facial expressions. I recommend a small vibrator/vibrating egg for the restaurant so your hands can remain free.
    My mind is not as devious as W’s but I can come up with some fun ideas occasionally >:). Hope you enjoy them.
    ~Jess XX~

    1. You are DEVIOUS!! I don’t know if I should point out your reply to W–maybe he will overlook it! lol
      And thinking about it, I just realized that W has never done “orgasm in public” play with me! It’s kind of an interesting omission, actually.

      1. Scarlett has been teasing me with the idea lately. This has caused me to think about orgasms in public a lot. I have teased Kara a few times by rubbing my foot against her pussy while at a restaurant. It was fun listening to the changes in her voices as she ordered the food 😉

    2. I like Jess’ idea of having Jade wearing high heel sandels instead of the boots. Not so much because she will feeze and probably will get a cold (…is bad) but because it will attract more attention in public and people will observe here more detailed as coat and sandels are usually not going together. Hopefully some passerby are looking close enough to discover Jade’s secret beneath… smile!

      1. Hah…yes, I realized that the boots with the trench coat were kinda a cop-out right away! But since it ended up being sunny, with no snow (it melted off while I was in the gym getting ready to head out to the mall) the boots and heavy coat actually garnered quite a few looks!

  2. I wanted my slave to have an orgasm in public.
    As a parisian I simply went to the most public place, on the Champs Elysées. Before leaving home, I duct taped on her clit a vibrating bullet for the pleasure part. For the suffering part, I’m a huge fan of electro stimulation. Having a remote unit, I placed tens pad on her butt and on her nipples. And then we left. She didn’t know what was going to happen.
    Once on the famous sidewalk I enjoyed playing between pain and pleasure and she had to face hundreds of people crossing us. She soon said that she had trouble to keep walking and stand as her legs were shaking of pleasure. But no orgasm. I told her that it was my goal and ordered her to have an orgasm. She tried to concentrate, but it was difficult for her to do it walking. We had to wait the green light in front of the Louis Vuitton store to cross the road, and that was the moment she had an orgasm. As the green light was on, I had to pulled her to cross because she didn’t feel her legs from the orgasm and she had to hold me tight and hide her blushed face on my shoulder. That was one of the best moment ever!! She then told me that it was not the strongest, but it was so special she enjoyed it.

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