Task 15 – Public O – Car

I should title this one “Memory Lane.”
As part of  the continuation of my Public O Tasks, I offer you a trip down that Memory Lane…
Ad and I had a date night the other night. We went to a restaurant that is right around the corner from my old office in Clayton. Yummm…good food, good wine, good conversation.
And me with a task to perform.
There were two possibilities for while we were there: public restroom and (of course) at a restaurant.  I just didn’t see how I could do it right there at the table.  When I lamented that fact, Ad teased that I could diddle myself under the big pasha pillow they had placed in our booth (it was a lovely round booth and we sat side-by-side, with the pillow between us.) But…hark back to my earlier entry on this task…I just knew I wouldn’t be able to do that, even with the pillow covering me. Now if he’d done it to me, given me no choice…that would be another story.  But that always is.  It always always always works better that way for me.
Anyway, I also didn’t want to do this task all alone in the restaurant bathroom. I had this handsome dinner partner sitting next me, I was feeling warm and happy and sexy, and I wanted to both share it with him and do it in front of him, I wanted to engage him in W’s and my play, and I wanted to show off for him.  Unlike with W, who I still feel a certain shyness with about masturbating in front of (and which gives it an entirely different hotness), I am perfectly comfortable fucking myself in front of Ad.  It helps that I know it really turns him on (and oftentimes leads to me getting fucked, lol.)
About halfway thru dinner I realized a solution was right around the corner–in the parking garage of my old office.  And it had the added pleasure of being someplace that Ad and I had fooled around before, all those years ago, when we were just starting out.

In the car, on the rooftop, with the lights of the office building next door looking down at us. And maybe a cleaning lady or two.

Oh, and it did lend itself to some hot sex, later, when we got home. In case you were wondering.

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