Task 17 – Hard


Hard – Make an acquaintance or total stranger (someone other than a previous sex partner) hard. Technique is up to you – but it must be verified. Verification technique also up to you.
At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to do this. How could I make a total stranger hard, much less verify it??  Then I realized my in–or out–whichever way you wanted think of it:
It only had to be someone I hadn’t slept with before, not a complete stranger.  And I had one of those.
Actually I have three not-quite-total-strangers that I could, in a pinch, reach out to (so to speak) to assist me (albeit unknowingly) with this task.  But in the end, I didn’t end up “using” one of them to help me with the task, I actually had a bona-fide date with one of my OKC guys, and I wasn’t even thinking about making him hard…well, what I mean is I wasn’t thinking about making him hard for the task.
I certainly was thinking about making him hard about five minutes after seeing him.  How that was going to happen was the problem.
That’s the problem with vanilla dating. BDSM dating you talk about stuff like this. Sex becomes part of the negotiations, and going somewhere private on a date (once you’ve established trust and etc.) is a given, because you can’t do what we do in public, and the reason we’re there is to do what we do. But if you have a “regular” guy, then he’s all about being circumspect and respectful and not crossing boundaries and etc…
I wonder how the hell I ever got laid before dating Tops and Doms.
So I took the bull by the horns, or maybe the man by the cock. “Let’s skip the bar and go back to your place,” I said.
So we did.
And yes, I made him hard.  And verified it.  With my mouth.

One thought on “Task 17 – Hard

  1. There is a simpler way to do it. N did the following: I asked her to wear a very slutty dress (see photo here:
    http://realerosstories.blogspot.com/2011/04/black-dress.html ), and no panties at all. We went to the most crowded night club in the city. As we entered, i asked her to move around the club, and choose the longest possible route to the restroom. Squizing her body between companies of guys and pressing her ass against their crotches. Before she reached the toilet she could fill hands lifting her dress exposing her nakedness to guys… her hand was “accidentally” caressing their hardness as she was passing by. She must have counted more than ten or fifteen guys getting hard before she arrived to the restroom, where i fingered her pussy round the corner exploring her wetness.

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