Task 19 – Rope Purchase

Rope purchase – Go to the hardware store. Wear high heels, makeup and something sexy. Buy a six foot length of rope. Nothing else. You may need assistance to find and cut it.
Complete by Saturday April 9
A story in pictures.


Heading out. I was feeling a lil sassy is my corset top and silver shoes.



I didn't bother to try to find what I needed--I enlisted aid right away. It made it more fun that I had a "secret" stalker--Ad played clandestine cameraman.



I heard the click of the camera shutter as he walked past. I wondered if my helper did too.


“How much?” he asked. “Exactly six feet,” I said. He glanced over at me with raised eyebrows, then turned to his task. Before he cut the rope he showed me the length. “Is this okay?”  “Hmm…” I said. “It’s an inch over. Can you cut that inch off?”


With exactly six feet of rope, I am off to make my purchase, my stalker not far behind.



"Can you ring these separately?"


At the check out counter I almost blow it (or perhaps I did? A penalty?) I realized I was going to have to use my debit card for less than a dollar purchase. So I grabbed a green tea. Then realized that my instructions were to buy “exactly six feet of rope” and nothing else. What to do, what to do?? I dig thru my purse and find a couple dollar bills and some change. But I so don’t want to put the ice tea away after I have stood there for five minutes dithering. I hit on a possible solution.  I mean, it fulfills the letter of the task, if not the intent…

“Can you ring these separately?”


Purchase made!


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