Wanton Wednesday – Two-Fisted

I’m bad.  And no, not as in that “oh no I am such a bad girl!” way, you pervs, but as in I promised myself I was going to keep notes, and maybe even post, daily about my cruise adventures, and…I completely dropped the ball. Didn’t write a SINGLE WORD while I was gone. Didn’t even OPEN MY LAPTOP except to charge my phone and look at pics on the way home.
Yeah, I’m lame.
So basically, nothing happened.
Oh wait, there are some pictures of a couple things we did.  And I do have some vague memories…
Maybe I can pull a few together.  Enough to give you a couple of mental snapshots of the fun we had. Because fun was had.
And okay, I am bad in that other way too.  Here’s one cruise pic that proves it.

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16 thoughts on “Wanton Wednesday – Two-Fisted

    1. Yeah, I can’t deny that it’s HOT. We had the most amazing sex scene the last day of our vacation…all hands and mouths and cocks…yummm. Huh, maybe I should write about it… (grin)

  1. Oh yes indeed you are bad….and fuck that is a sexy picture. One in each hand….lucky lucky you. I think a cruise for me soon…LOL

  2. It looks like fun — and a few other things — were definitely had. I didn’t notice it at first, but is there the hand of a fourth player between your legs?

  3. Looking at this pic was like this: (Seeing a hand on nice hard thick cock) Ooo nice . (Seeing second hand on nice hard thick cock) Ooo nice! (Seeing his hand between your thighs) Ooo nice!
    Yeah, very, very, very nice Jade.

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