“Back to real life,” I said, “back to our routine.”  But I didn’t feel the let-down that settling back into one’s daily life might engender, after all the fun and excitement of the past few weeks.  Instead I felt charged and anticipatory.  W understood that feeling exactly. Yep, Lewbari and Tasks and cruise ship craziness was fun, but, as he says, “Our real life doesn’t suck either.”
“Routine” means Monday-Tuesday with Ad and the kids; Wednesday-Thursday with W; Friday with Ad with or without the kids, either at home relaxing, snuggling up on the couch or in bed, or sometimes on a date, or sometimes on a 3-date; Saturday day is relaxation or errands or hiking or just hanging out, Saturday night is for playing or play parties, either with W or both guys; and Sunday back home with Ad, winding up our week.
“Routine” is also dressing for work on Wednesday knowing I will see W that night:
Pencil skirt, black lace panties and a lacy blouse with no bra:

And wholly work-inappropriate five-and-half-inch heels:

And lastly my tit collars, cinched down tight, so that I’ll be thinking of him all day:

And tomorrow, work from home day.
I love my routine!

8 thoughts on “Routine

  1. So slutty outfit at work… great. well, some ideas to help you break the routine:
    “Undo your top button”.
    “Pull your skirt up high, so that it is round your waist. Pulling it right up would make it a lot harder to pull back down in a hurry. And undo a further button. Feel how wet you are. Edge your chair closer to the desk…
    “Spread your legs”. . “Taste your cunt juice; it’s practically dripping.. Touch yourself. Make yourself even wetter. And make sure your cunt juice runs over your arsehole. ”
    Slip a finger inside your cunt. Start finger-fucking yourself,
    Spread legs further, and at this point you will realise you are no longer cared if anyone saw. Push the chair back slightly and pull your legs up so your heels are on the chair. Knees are now visible over the desk;
    Fuck yourself hard with your fingers in public, leave your creamy stains on the chair… How dies that make you feel?

  2. Simple question… Did you take these pictures by yourself? How? Since on the one you’re showing your tits, you’re not holding the camera

  3. Hi Jade:
    First, I love the pics!!..espically the tit collar one. The reason for my reply is to ask you if you ever have any problems wearing them all day.
    My mistress and I have decided that I should start wearing a ball stretcher the entire day while i’m at work. While i’ve worn them for a few hours while we’ve gone out in public, i’ve never had them on for any extended length of time.
    I was just wondering what you experience during the day with the collars on. I imagine your nipples turn cold and get a little stiff as I know the increadibly erotic feeling when it happens to my balls as they smack the insides of my thighs when I walk. I’m just asking if you experience any dscomfort from them after wearing them for such a long period.
    Mistress hopes to one day have a permanent weight attached which keeps my boys firmly extended. Would appreciate hearing your thoughts.

    1. Hi Strathburn,
      Thanks for your note! While I don’t know if it’s possible to equate my tit collars with a ball stretcher, as I’ve never seen one used, I can tell you that my collars are VERY comfortable to wear all day, and I have worn them at times for several days in a row with no problem. My nipples stay erect and sensitive, but do not get numb or cold, and only hurt when I whack them against things accidentally. (haha) I actually wore them for…I want to say 24 hours…once, sleeping in them overnight.
      They do tend to be tender when I put them on again on subsequent days, but definitely not unbearably so–just enough to keep reminding me they are on, which I like. 😉 (In fact I wore them all day yesterday after having worn them all day/into the evening the day before. I knew W was going to test how tender they were when I went to get ready to play yesterday afternoon and asked him if he wanted them off. “Leave them on,” he said. And yes, he did test them.) 😉

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