Wanton Wednesday – Prisoner

Sometimes, you don’t need anything but a picture to tell a story.

(Actually there are a number of pictures that go with this one, and a bit more of a story to tell, but that’s for another post.) 😉

Happy Wanton Wednesday, and be sure to check out all the wantonness below!

12 thoughts on “Wanton Wednesday – Prisoner

  1. I’m having trouble reconciling the angles with my eyes. Brain says rope gets hitched to the ceiling. Eyes say that looks like the floor.
    Either way. You’re not goin anywhere like that!! hehe

  2. Yes, for all the rope and whipping and pushing around and roughness, it was his *feet* that put me “in my place.” Yummm.
    And geez, I didn’t even notice til Dangerous Lilly pointed it out that the angles in the pic make it look like I might be tied to the ceiling! (Thanks for clarifying, W–and so nice to see you pop in here every once in awhile!)

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