30 Days of Kink: Day 7 – Favorite Toy

Day 7: What’s your favorite toy?
Are we talking sex toy or BDSM toy? I’ll go with BDSM toy, since this is 30 Days of Kink. That’s a really hard one to call. I both love and hate all of W’s toys, all of his implements of misery, because he can use every one of them in a way that is good pain, and a way that is a misery. But even that, while I am hating it, is good. Sort of. In that weird, fucked up way that I feel about all our kinky toys.
It’s also a moving target. I can love canes for days and days, and then suddenly be unable to tolerate them. I’m kind of in that space now, actually, mainly because my tolerance level in general has diminished in the time that I’ve been recovering and not playing much, but W is still using them like he used to, heavy and hard with little build-up. So I wince and cower and tremble as soon as I see one of those fuckers in his hand, whereas before I used to anticipate them, if not with joy, at least with some expectation of pleasure.
In any case, right now I am in a love/hate relationship with the new whip I got him at Spanksgiving. A little 2-foot singletail, it can be used close up and has all the lovely zing of a long whip with none of the space requirements. It can be vicious or not, and I love it both ways.
As I mentioned in today’s Wanton Wednesday post, there are more pictures to go with the “Prisoner” picture, and more story to tell.  Here is one of those pictures: the result of that wicked 2 ft singletail.

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  1. You know what…..you made a very good point and I think I should write another post for this question, directed at instruments of torture, opps, I mean pleasure obviously……

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