In my fantasy, I am on my elbows and knees, ass lifted, legs spread to give the man behind me better access. He pumps into me steadily, almost mechanically, and really is mostly an afterthought, something I am barely paying attention to.
It is the man in front of me that has my attention.
He is holding my head up by the hair, arching my neck back painfully as he slides his cock in and out of my mouth.  When I purse my lips, attempting to suckle him, to pleasure him, he pulls out and slaps my face sharply. “Did I tell you to do that?” he says. “Just open your mouth. Yes, like that.  Let it hang open, cunt.  Go on, let your tongue hang out.  You’re just a hole for me to fuck, nothing more.”
And I do, making of my mouth an open, gaping hole for him to fuck himself into, which he does, fucking my mouth, fucking my throat, while spit drips down my chin and I gag every time he hits the back of my throat.  I don’t resist, I don’t try to close my mouth around his cock, I leave my tongue and mouth loose like he’s told me to. “You’re a hole,” he says as he does. “Just a hole to be fucked.”
And I am.
In reality W and I lay in bed, the thick, damp heat the only blanket covering our naked bodies. Idly, almost unconsciously, I stroke the sensitive, swollen lips between my legs. We just had the hottest scene downstairs. It had happened completely unexpectedly, arising accidentally out of a simple picture-taking request by a friend: he wanted to see pictures of me in my glasses, hopefully “messy” ones.  We didn’t really plan on the “messy” part, that’s not something that W would normally do, although we had enlisted Ad’s assistance and we were going to try later in the week for that.  One thing led to another though, and by the end W had sprayed my face  and glasses with semen as I lay, bound and helpless, on his desk.
That’s the first time anyone has ever done that to me. And holyfuckinggod it was HOT. So hot that I fucked myself into three more orgasms after he was done, whimpering and thrusting myself blindly at him as he struggled to keep me from wriggling off his desk in my gyrations.
And so hot that hours later I was still revved up, and couldn’t keep my hands from my pussy lips as we lay in bed.
My so-very-tender, battered-and-bruised, pussy lips.
Did I mention that the night before he had put an impossibly tight cuntrope on me? And that it squeezed my clit in between the two pieces of rope that he strung from my wrists behind my back to a bolt in the ceiling? And that I was on tippy-toes in five-and-a-half inch heels with my ankles secured to a spreader bar?  No? Ah, well, I was. When I say my pussy was bruised and battered, I mean it.
And yet I still couldn’t keep my hands off it.
“Please,” I said as we lay there, “can I make myself come?”
He chuckled. I think he knew the pleasure/pain I was causing myself, and that I just couldn’t help myself.
“Yes,” he said, “but suck my cock while you do it. I want your mouth around my cock when you come.”
Obediently I slid down his body and, laying my head on his belly, drew his half-hard cock into my mouth, while trying to find the right angle to touch myself. For a few minutes, he let me simply hold him in my mouth.  He knows how hard it is for me to concentrate on more than one thing.  But soon I felt his hand on the back of my head, in my hair, and he began thrusting his cock into my mouth. Oddly, though, he didn’t push me down on his cock, but rather held my head still and fucked himself into my mouth. In and out he slid, while I simply held my mouth open…
…and was transported into my fantasy.
My mouth was so wet, his cock so long and hard and slick, slipping in and out of my mouth.  Within moments I was convulsing in an orgasm, all the while holding my mouth open, a wet, open hole for him–the him that was fucking my mouth in reality, and the “him” of my fantasy. A two-fer!
*Edit: If you are on Fetlife, you can see this story with pictures here:

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  1. That was crazy hot woman! i mean CRAZY HOT! i loved it and now i’m way horny and my Master is on a plane back from Paris, so grrrrr!

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