30 Days of Kink: Day 8 – Image

Day 8: Post a kinky image you find erotic.
I guess I could look for images from Creative Commons to find something to post here, but, though it makes me feel a little self-conscious to admit it, I have a whole lot of images that I find incredibly erotic right here–scenes W has photographed.  Why should I seek something else out?
There are all kinds of reasons I find this image erotic, but the main one, right now, is that it is touching on all kinds of fantasies I am having as I explore the idea with W of engaging in a fantasy kidnapping while at Dark Odyssey – Fusion in June.
There are other reasons it gets me hot though.  This was supposed to be a simple photo shoot. I wanted a certain picture taken, so I set up the scene, asked them to tie me a certain way, etc. It wasn’t play, it was photography fun.
But, as he always does, W couldn’t just take a picture.  He had to make it real.  That hand that he is holding the rope gag with? It’s also fisted in my hair.  He wasn’t playing as he yanked my head back and held me there.  And he wasn’t playing when he opened the shades up just a tad too early–possibly showing the crew of a passing boat my naked form silhouetted in the window.
I also like the detached way he is standing, barely looking at me.  He really is just exhibiting his latest “acquisition,” and I have had many masturbation sessions following that thought through to actually having the door open and men file in, one at a time, to make use of the ship slut before he sells her off to a whorehouse somewhere.
Damn, now THAT’S a hot fantasy.  Too bad DO doesn’t have a ship handy, eh?

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  1. I am glad you posted a picture of your own, I have been toying with doing the same thing myself…..why use something generic when I have ones of me that set me alight. Great post.

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