Working from Home – Skills

There are a few specific skills one must have to be W’s Sexretary.  One of course is the ability to wear the highest of heels.  The other is to keep him hard throughout the day.
There are other skills that come up, and that this sexretary perhaps does not have the skillset for, but he is a good Boss and is always willing to assist in my quest to be the Best Sexretary Ever. The desire for self-improvement is high on his list of necessary qualities in a sexretary.
On this day I had a conference call with several coworkers throughout my region.  The Boss thought I needed some practice being “on mute” as I would be for the call, so he took me upstairs to assist me in practicing that particular skill.

Stairs are tricky with no hands. But a good Sexretary must be willing to meet the challenges her Boss sets before her.

Helping me learn "mute." What a good Boss-always ready to lend his Sexretary a hand!

Kneeling gracefully is also a necessary part of my skillset for this job.

Having acquired the proper skills, W took me back downstairs for my conference call.

Typing one-handed was a skill I had to learn on the fly. So to speak.

Communication skills are also a necessity.

As is the ability to multitask.

Doing a job well has its rewards though - the Boss took me out to lunch!

Of course I had to be attired & accessorized properly.

Right down to the heels!

I love my job!
(If you look closely, you may find a couple click-thrus just for fun!)



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