“Stop hitting yourself!”

Did you ever play that game when you were a kid (or rather, like me, get that “game” played on you) where someone makes you hit yourself over and over with your own hand?  Yeah, I hated it too, but the one in control always seemed to find it vastly amusing!
W played a different iteration of that game this morning. I didn’t hate it so much. 😉  Holding my hand, he used it to make me fuck myself. The interesting part was that when he was controlling my hand’s movements entirely, even if it wasn’t in the motions that I usually use on myself, it was wildly arousing.  The few times I tried and succeeded to “take the reins,” so to speak, weren’t as much, even if I was doing what I usually do to get myself off.
My head is a pretty funny place.
And it was too bad I had panties on. At one point he started pushing my fingers into me through the material.  I imagined what it would be like to have him actually shoving my fingers/hand inside my cunt, forcing me to finger fuck myself, more and more fingers until he was almost having me fist myself and about orgasmed just from the image. Oh my god–hot!
Other than that, not much hotness to speak of.  I am a little broken right now (shoulder/neck pain), so we haven’t been playing at all. I am hoping to be better by Thursday, when we get to Dark Odyssey, but…we’ll see.  As someone else that is going said to me, I may have to just take lots of pain killers and muscle through. It would suck being there for 4 days and not getting to play. And if it’s just a strained muscle or something, I can deal with the discomfort.
I hope.
I am trying very hard not to be Planner-Girl as I usually am, and just let things happen when/if they do at Camp.  I’m terribly excited about the things I do have planned though! Camp requires each person to do four hours of “chores” around camp, and I got mine in the “Pamporium,” where I’ll be giving foot massages. I also volunteered to be a demo bottom at one class, tho the presenter hasn’t confirmed if he’ll need me. And someone W knows asked if he could “borrow” me.  He has something he calls the “clit washer” and I had indicated an interest in trying it out. Not sure if the “borrowing” means to try the clit washer out, or for an actual scene though.  And I am going to get some decorative needle art at some point–getting made up  a la Natalie Portman in The Black Swan. A friend came over the other night to help me with the make-up part, which I’ll have to do on my own. Should be cool!  Oh, and there is a guy that does exquisite chainmail pieces, and said that if I am interested, he’ll give me a lesson.  I just have to look him up. I’ve also had a few people email me, some saying directly that they’d possibly like to scene with me, others just saying “hello.”  One of those emailed W too and I guess wants him to tie up his partner.  So that’s cool.
Now I just have to feel better.  And see the doctor and get my nails done and go to Walgreens and finish packing and and and…!
Okay, off to make a “minimalist” schedule.  Because I can’t let Planner-Girl go entirely.


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