Work from Home Wednesday

Yesterday was Work from Home Wednesday.  That’s right, I’ve changed my weekly work from home day to Wednesdays, just so I could get some alliteration.  I’m neurotic like that.
Okay, not really.  But it works nicely, huh?
Anyhow, I got to work from W’s, and boy oh boy was he back in fine fine fine Bossy Boss form!  He had several requirements for his sexretary on this day:
1. Appropriate attire, to include the proper heels
2. Hourly “Penetrations” to be documented here, on Fetlife & Twitter
3. The usual office tasks (keep the Boss’s coffee hot, correspondence, web work, etc.), many of which were to be performed during my hourly penetrations

I sported a pinstripe "suit" for work. ~clickety-click~ for the rest of the "suit"

An Accounting of My Hourly Penetrations

“You are required to be penetrated at least once per hour during the workday,” the Boss said.
8:10 am – in bed, me on top
We started before he’d told me it was a job requirement. Hey, I’m a horny girl!  It’s difficult to wake up next to W with a boner and not climb on for a morning ride…
9:43 am – bent over the desk, from behind
10:55 am – sitting on the edge of the desk
“Spread your legs,” he said. “Scoot to the edge of the desk and put your hole out here–c’mon.” He grasped me by the knees and drug me to the edge of the desk, spreading my cuntlips, opening my hole and positioning me on the edge of the desk.  I was just an open hole there for him to shove into.
An hour of work had passed since he’d last fucked me from behind, but not fucking me long enough so that I had time to come–it was just a task, he was just performing a function: achieve “full penetration” (and getting me just to the point of getting worked up) before pulling out and giving me a shove to get back to work.
Of course this was making me crazy.  Horny. Frustrated.  And having him make me open myself that way to him, on the edge of the desk–DAMN.  By the next penetration I was a hot, panting mess before we’d even started.
11:43 am – flat on my belly on the floor
He tells me to lay down on my belly, facing away from him. When I move hesitantly, unsure of what he wants, he pushes me down brusquely, pulling my legs straight, but keeping them together, and shoving me between the shoulder blades to lay flat.  “Lay on your tits,” he says, the crude word and his demeanor sending heat rushing through me even as he pushes my face against the carpet and orders me to put my hands behind my neck.  He lays on top of me, completely covering me, enveloping me with his body, pinning me, and shoves into me from behind, between my rings, which feel laced closed against him.  My face grinds into the rug and I am immobilized by his weight, and yet I am so excited I still squirm, even as he presses down harder onto me, into me.  Jesus fuck I am so incredibly worked up I can feel my wetness pouring down my thighs.  And then he is coming inside me, shuddering in his climax.  It is so unexpected and yet so fucking perfect. I am feeling a little dazed, very submissive, very used, a hole there for his use only.
12:35 pm – desk chair, me on top, reverse cowboy
During a conference call.  Even though the phone is on mute I stifle my cries as he fingers me while I slide up and down on his cock until, finally, I come, just as the call ends.  He gives me a “performance review”: “When you are on a work call you need to have your work documents up on your computer screen.”  I have no idea what was on the screen OR what the call was about.
1:35 pm – leaning over the filing drawer, from behind, while alphabetizing his files
He really DOES need a secretary, if his alphabetizing skills are any indication.
2:00 pm – from behind, standing up at his supplies closet, inventorying office supplies
He’s got LOTS of old stuff, and some I don’t even recognize!
3:59 pm – under the desk on hands and knees
Just barely made my 3pm penetration, because we’d been out to lunch.  This was degrading for some reason. And hot because it was. And I came like five times because it was. And I have a rug burn on my shoulder.
4:46 pm – on my back on the desk, legs up, hands holding my ankles
I think my brain is turned to mush. I’ve been fucked into mush. “I think you’ll need to work overtime,” he says.
5:59 pm – standing up at the shredder, from behind
Working overtime…5pm penetration almost didn’t happen in time due to equipment malfunction (office equipment, not W’s. LOL) But I made it.
6:54 pm – old school fucking, flat on my back on the Boss’s desk
Holy fuck. What a way to end the day. Oh yes.  The Boss shoots his load inside me fucking me amid the mess in the middle of his desk.  Slippery cum, Boss pleased, happy office sexretary slut-girl.

Looks like my next task should be to clean his desk, eh?

Much later, after running to Target to get me clothes suitable to wear to work the next day (this was an unexpected Wednesday Work at Home Day), curled up on the couch, I blinked blearily at W. “We played all day without actually playing,” I said, meaning no bondage, no overt BDSM play. “And yet I was really flying there by the end.”  He laughed and nodded (clearly proud of himself.)
He had fucked me into subspace.


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  1. This is so horny and I love the final picture. Oh and this “He lays on top of me, completely covering me, enveloping me with his body, pinning me, and shoves into me from behind,” and that whole little scene had me wriggling around on a wet patch!

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