30 Days of Kink: Day 11 – Ethics

Day 11: What are your views on the ethics of kink?
Many others have discussed this topic, and in depth, with a lot of thought and intelligence (you can find some of those listed below.)  I kinda wanted to be that person when I approached this question…but honestly, I’m not.  For me, kink is pretty simple. The ethics of it are too: “Do no harm.”  Seems simple enough to me, and everything else can be distilled down into that one mandate.
But, as I said, that’s my version. Kink, for me, is about sex and pleasure for me and my partners. So my views on it are pretty simplistic.

For some deeper, more thought-provoking thoughts on the topic, please click-thru the links below.

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And a few new blogs for the list:

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For a full list of the questions, the blogs that are participating and an explanation of what this is all about, please go here.

As always, if you are new to the meme (or have been doing it) and I haven’t listed you, shoot me an email or comment here and I’ll add you!

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