Work from Home Wednesday: A Snapshot & Pictorial

Today’s post is an illustrated summary of the silly posts I made on Fetlife yesterday while I worked from W’s  house.
Some days I crack myself the hell up.
This day, W wanted to try out some of the “toys” he’s found recently while he’s been on a house reorganization binge.  A full day with me here at his mercy is obviously the day to do it. The trick was to not limit my abilities to perform my real job. Cuz yeah, I got one.
My Good Morning post of the day: W says his hand is hurting. He finally figured out why…from this morning’s activity. Apparently I have superstrong, er, girlparts. “Sacrifices must be made,” he says. I’m behind that 100%!
I love it that curling his hand inside my cunt hurt his hand.  Didn’t hurt my girlparts much.  In fact, felt damn good.  Well, maybe because I kinda like the hurt.  You know the saying, “Hurt’s so good”?  A perfect way to wake up.
He started off with something simple: handcuffs.

He, of course, had to use them in a way they are not normally used (and probably not approved for!)

After a bit of time I guess he decided I had it too easy, because he moved up to something a little more…invasive.

My new friend "Hitch."

I had to share my new buddy on Fetlife.

10 AM: There’s something so wrong about typing an email to a work colleague w/ one hand so I can hold the bar w/the the trailer hitch attached to it in my cunt w/the other.

One-handed typing.

10:15 AM:Oh how thoughtful–he tied it in. What a nice Boss I have.

Coffee break. (Click to see "pretties".)

10:25 AM: Also. Pretty pink panties and lavender beads around a dull metal bar? Wrong too. 

  • (Name) commented:  Interesting…your definition of “wrong” and my definition of “pretty” are exactly the same!

Yeah, I think W feels much the same. lol

10:30 AM And, um…I just found out if I move (carefully!) it hits JUST the right spot…
11:30 AM: Also, he poo-poo’d using lube for the trailer hitch. “You produce enough lube all on your own.” He was right, of course.
We had errands to run for lunch, so W reconfigured me for going out in the wide world. He gave me the choice between the j-hook and my tit collars.  I chose the tit collars.  And a semi-sheer t-shirt with no bra all on my own.
11:45 AM: W just said of my tit-collared nipples (when I asked if they were too obvious in my semi-sheer tshirt to go out to lunch): “No! They make cute little tweaky buttons.” ‘Tweaky buttons!’ Hah!

  • (Name) commented: lol you’ve got tweak buttons!
  • (Name) commented: I wish Fet had a like button because that just made my day
  • (Name) commented: No one will notice them – they won’t be able to get past the trailer hitch…

(Click for "tweaky buttons!)

I was warm, so the Boss let me strip down a bit to cool down when we got back from lunch.
2 PM: The Boss says I need 2 update my status. Back home, tit collars still on, but he’s added new fun-the metal bra he made 4 me. It’s hot too, so I’m stripped down to a pink thong (& pink heels to match.)
And no, @name, I did not go to lunch with the lovely trailer hitch still stuffed up my cunt!
W is all about improving on prototypes, though, and he can’t ever let me get off easy.  In fact, later he made some additional “improvements”…at least he felt they were.
Click thru for his "improvement."

5 PM: Yay! Workday is over…and now we play! Basement, here I come…
Did I say “Yay”? If you knew what he put me through in the basement, you’d wonder how I could begin to say “yay.”
Oh wait, you will know, soon, when I write about it here. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Work from Home Wednesday: A Snapshot & Pictorial

  1. Hi Jade:
    Tell W I think his “improvement” in your bra could set the fashion industry on it’s ear!…lol
    Perhaps he could make one more modification…if he severs the front part of the bra as well as the back and replaces it with a non conductive fastener, W could then electrify your bra which would give you a little more “jump start” to your day!

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