Free Time?

Asked on a new group that I just joined on Fetlife was a question about what it is we do when we have “free time.”  My immediate response: masturbate, of course.

Oh, and nap.

Seriously, when I have an hour and half at home alone, I am all about doing first one, then the other. HOOray!  I didn’t actually post that response, because I’m kind of like the new kid at school, and you know, I don’t want my potential new friends to think I’m weird or anything.

The reality is that I don’t have that much free time, as in extended time to myself, but I actually did have some today (that I wasn’t home for my favorite free time activity for) and realized that there are other things I do when I have some time.

And lots of things I don’t.

Things I thought about doing were:

  • Having a glass of wine at my favorite wine bar
  • Going to a movie
  • Work out
  • Work on a writing project
  • Set up my new domain
  • Work on blog posts

What I did do was go shoe shopping.  And I realized that, if I have any extra money at all, that really is my go-to activity if I have time to do so. (I know.  Shock, right?)

I don’t often actually buy shoes on these trips. The truth of the matter is that when I am ready to actually buy, I have something very specific in mind, and I hunt it.  Then, when I find it, I’m done.  I am seriously not a big “shopper.”  But when I’m bored…I love to look.  I always go thinking I’m going to buy, but without a specific goal in mind, a specific type of shoe or event or outfit that I am buying for, I rapidly get overwhelmed by the choices.  Especially at a place like DSW.  I have seriously gotten overwhelmed to the point that I just had to leave because I was starting to get anxiety.

Then there’s those odd times when I go with nothing in mind…and end up with four or five pairs.

Today was kind of a hybrid. I already have this one pair of towering wedges, and I’ve been wanting another pair, but with lacing up the ankle and in bright colors.  So that was where I started.  But in spite of billions of shoes, I couldn’t find one pair that met my (not that exacting) requirements. So…

I tried on two pair of boots (boots, Jade? Seriously? It’s summer.) (But they are SO cute! Lace up the front style, and half off…!) and four pair of Ridiculously High Heeled black pumps. (I don’t need another pair.  No really.  And, Note to Self: Every pair of shoes does not need to be RHHs. Even if W thinks they do.)

In a remarkable feat of self-control, I was about to walk out the door without having bought a thing (which would have actually been depressing, since I wanted to buy a new pair), when I realized there was a pair I needed, and that I think about every time I wear a summer dress with black in it: a different pair of black sandals.

Score!  I would not leave empty-handed.  I ended up with a cute pair of black wedges (not towering, but high enough, and 40% off!) and a pair of RHH smart black Working Girl pumps. Yeah they wasn’t on my list, but they were half off. What could I do?

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