Nominations for the 2011 Sexiest Bloggers is Open!

It’s that time of year again–time to head over to Between My Sheets and nominate your favorite sex bloggers for SweetRori’s annual 100 Sexiest Bloggers List. While I’ve mentioned her Top 100 List in passing, I’ve never made to much noise about it here on my blog before. I hate the appearance of pimping my blog out, even though, to be honest, I would love to see it on the list.  There are a lot of fantastic writers on her Top 100 lists, and I have found many of my favorite reads there.  So it’d be nice to have my own corner of the net acknowledged there as well.
Honestly, though? I’m writing this post because there’s swag to be had.
That’s right, Rori’s got a contest going on along with the nominations, and she has some pretty cool prizes being offered.  And the best part?  You could win prizes too, just by posting your own nominations to her blog. 
So what are you waiting for??
Oh, okay, I’ll tell you another reason I think you should go over and post your nominations. Diversity is good. There are some excellent blogs already listed over there, but I’d have to assume that you’ve got some favorites of your own that aren’t on that list.  Make yourself heard, check out some new bloggers, nominate your favorite, sexiest bloggers–and possibly win yourself a prize as well!
Click here to enter!

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