Penalty – A Solicitation

Do any of you remember W’s Task List,  with all the fun, kinky, sexy & even sometimes silly tasks I did for W the last time he went away for a month?  And then the Accounting I did regarding my success (or failure) in completing them, along with my list of accrued infractions?  Well, W’s finally come back with a list of penalties for me for each of my infractions.
The first is my penalty for not completing the “Ad” task that he had assigned:
Ad – Write an ad offering yourself for lease/rent.

Complete by Wed 2/23

Status: Incomplete
Penalty: 1
I never did complete it, but rather than re-assign this task, as he has for the “Stranger Fiction” task (you’ll see me paying for that infraction in an upcoming blog post), he has decided instead to make me pay for my failure in another way.
As you may have read in my post about the weekend, one of the set of pictures we did were for a particular friend of mine that occasionally writes and asks for W and I to create a specific image for him.  This post and the following pictures were also generated by his requests:

Sexretary in Glasses

Write that report, slut!

So you can see that there is a wide variety of picture requests that W has enjoyed fulfilling.  Well, for my penalty for not completing the simple task of writing my own “For Lease or Rent” ad, he has decided to “rent me out” in a different way.
I can be yours, readers, each and every one of you, in an image of your choice.
This is how it works.
Think of an image that you’d like to see me in, or a series of images.  It can be a static image, it can be a part of a scene, it can be something you’d like me to wear or do or that you’d like to have done to me.  It can involve sex or sadistic play or toys or clothes or whatever–it is only limited by your imagination (and of course W’s final approval.)  W will read your request and decide whether or not he wants to fulfill it, based on his assessment of safety, do-ability, creativity, etc. (and may adjust the scenario accordingly to meet those requirements.) If you read back through my posts, or take a gander at some of his features on, you’ll get an idea of the kinds of things that turn him on and pique both our interests–but don’t be afraid to send an idea in that is totally different from anything we’ve/he’s done before.  That’s part of what this is about.
What this means, is that YOU get to decide just how much of a penalty I get for failing in my task. (And can perhaps penalize me over and over, as well, depending on how many depraved, creative, sadistic, intriguing and/or embarrassing images you can dream up.)
After we’ve done the picture(s), I’ll post them here, and tell all about the session, for you (and the world) to see. I’ll mention who it was that requested the photo or you can remain completely anonymous–just let W know your preference.
So how do you send in a request? Email W directly (it’s always more fun for me to be surprised by the things he does to me) at
So whatcha waiting for? I know ya’ll gotta have some devilishly creative, depraved minds out there.  Or at least devilish. Or at least depraved. It all works. 😉
Edit: Don’t feel that your ideas have to be elaborate, either. Simple images work as well.  It’s all in your hands–and minds.

9 thoughts on “Penalty – A Solicitation

      1. I already got to see you tied up in the VERY HOT capris and heels outfit 🙂 Maybe I’ll have to tell Jess to think of a more evil position. Then I can see you in that gorgeous outfit again while “W” puts you through some extreme bondage 😉
        Kara XOXO

  1. Oh what an excellent idea. I’ll be sending off my idea to ‘W’ later today. (Assuming he has access to Jello and a bicycle pump)!
    sev xx

    1. LOL–not sure about the bicycle pump (tho anything mechanical I’d have to say he probably has) but I KNOW he doesn’t have jello. Thank goodness he doesn’t do food play! 😉

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