Over on Fetlife, someone asked (on this photo, in W’s profile where he had posted it) what it was like being in the cage all night.
caged for the night
The cage for me is many different things. The one thing it is NOT is punishment. We don’t have a punishment dynamic, so the cage, for me, will never be a place of unhappiness.
Embarrassment, maybe.
Discomfort, surely…

discomfort in the cage

A place to be used like a sexual plaything, occasionally.
But usually, the cage is a place of…rest. Quiet & calm where I can recharge and relax. Sometimes with assignments or my laptop…
Caged with Computer
or sometimes just for a breather.
taking a break
A place where I can retreat, but still be close at hand. A place where he puts me, and I can’t get free, but…he also cares for me, taking care of all my needs, like a cherished pet.
Sure, he also torments and teases me in there occasionally. And the other morning I thought he was going to break my pussy with his hands through the bars! But I also remember his hands touching me gently, soothing me, all night. I remember many times when he’s had me in the cage, looking over to find his gaze on me, tender and full of a quiet pleasure to have me there, in his cage, waiting for him.
The other night when I slept in the cage…it was a totally new thing for me. I have had some recent familial upheaval, and I was a bit strung out. We had scened a bit earlier, and then he moved the cage next to the couch and…put me away for the night. He wasn’t trying to be cruel, or punishing, or even to make me uncomfortable. In fact he made me as comfortable as could be, at least within the confines of a cage. And the next morning, although he wouldn’t let me out, he took care of me, making me toast, bringing me coffee, and even my toothbrush.
(And yes, he hand-and-finger-fucked me sore the next morning, and made me pee in a jar…
caged peeing
…but still, it was mostly sweet.) 😉
But what did I feel most, sleeping caged next to him all night?
Cared for.
It wasn’t the most comfortable way to sleep, but I did get a good night’s sleep, because I knew he was there, watching, aware of me, looking after me, all night.
I like small, enclosed spaces. I like small houses and rooms. When I feel the most vulnerable, the most needy, the most overwhelmed, I curl myself into a small, tight ball and hide until I can face the world again. That night, he gave me that. He gave me peace, and a place to be quiet, and to find my equilibrium again. I loved sleeping in his cage. No, I don’t want to do it every night, but for that night…it was perfect.


2 thoughts on “Caged

  1. Me & Scarlett started getting into caging scene a few months ago and I know exactly how you feel. I never feel punishment out if it. Definitely humiliation at times like you mentioned. Especially if she has friends over and I’m in there. I just like the fact she has to take care of me in a way. I have to depend on her for my every need.
    I just wish I had a cage with large bars like you. We just use a large dog cage so the bars are to small for me to stretch my legs through. Sometimes it can feel a little cramped. The other thing is with it being a dog cage is has a removable tray underneath it. I can just go the bathroom through any part of the bottom of the cage. The tray catches it and then Scarlett can just slide it out to clean off as needed. Love the post.

  2. Oh I love being caged – although it’s been a long time since I last was. A feeling of calm and relaxation, but also not quite knowing if and when and how I’m going to be wanted and abused.
    Great pictures.
    sev xx

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