Wanton Wednesday – Afternoon Delight

After a pretty long hiatus, I finally finished up my “Cruise Wrap-Up” posts over on A Poly Life.  It’s got some fun pics, but of course the racier ones I post over here, including this set from this afternoon.  It just screams “Wanton” to me.
It started out like this (after they pulled me out of the window):

And ended up with me doing this:

Which resulted in this:

And left me feeling like this:

There might be a couple click-thrus in there. ~grin~
The official Wanton Wednesday blog is on summer hiatus, so Molly over at Molly’s Daily Kiss has taken up the task on her blog!  Head on over there for more Wanton Wednesday fun!

6 thoughts on “Wanton Wednesday – Afternoon Delight

  1. You look really beautiful – My favorite is the one where your sexy feminine hand is over his, while his is inside you – so nice!

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